Picture of Country Fried Potatoes

This is my favorite meal to make for myself. I wanted to share this with others. This can be eaten for breakfast or as a perfect side for dinner.

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Step 1: Supplies and Ingredients

Picture of Supplies and Ingredients


  * Skillet
  * spatula
  *vegetable peeler.
  * potatoes

* 4 tablespoons olive oil
* Seasoned salt
* Salt
* 4 potatoes
* Garlic powder

Step 2: Making the Country Fried Potatoes

Picture of Making the Country Fried Potatoes
* Peel  and slice the potatoes

* Place potatoes in the oiled skillet

* Drizzle the potatoes with oil.

* Season the potatoes with seasoned salt and garlic powder. (Make sure each layer is seasoned.)

Step 3: Browning of the potatoes

Picture of Browning of the potatoes
 * For five minutes on high allow the potatoes brown.

 * After five minutes, turn the heat down to to medium heat.

 *  Cover the potatoes and allow them to cook for ten more minutes.

 *  After ten minutes the potatoes should be done.

Step 4: The Finished Project

Picture of The Finished Project

The Country Fried Potatoes are complete, and now it is a wonderful addition to the meal.

l8nite4 years ago
nice.. I like mine with a bit more browning and use pepper and onions in the mix. Thank you for sharing
did you hear that,... it was my tummy growling
Scott_Tx4 years ago
During summer when the garden is going we like to throw in some squash too