Picture of Country Girl Costume
I needed to make some country/western dresses for a show that we are making. I thought I'd show the step by step process in how I created them.

Step 1: Cutting out pattern

Picture of Cutting out pattern
I had found these materials about 4 years ago and they were on sale, so i bought about 10 yards of each color, but wasn't sure what I'd do with them or even when. Now I finally had a purpose to use it up. :) 

I tend to use a few different patterns in my costumes. Since we dance a lot, most of our skirts need to be circle skirts so they flare out in the spins..so I didn't use a  specific pattern. I just hand picked things from different patterns that I already owned or just made my own by laying interfacing on the dress form and either cut it out by eye or drew on it with a marker exactly what I wanted the shapes to be. You'll see the circle skirt in the photo and the hand made pattern for the white section on the bodice area in the photos.
sunshiine1 year ago

This is beautifully crafted! I like the pink one! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have an inspiring spring!


Joshblake (author)  sunshiine1 year ago

...and thank YOU! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I'm working on some "Frozen" costumes right now for a kids medley that we're doing this summer. I'm thinking of posting the creation process of them as well. :) We'll see how they turn out! hehe