I had a hard time finding  simple shelves to store my bottles of glaze on, most shelves available are too deep and don't have enough shelves.  this is a incredible simple shelf block that can be built for about 30$ in about 1/2 hour

you will need  12 6foot 1x6 boards, I picked these up at the local hardware for 2.80 each , 30-40 drywall screws (1 1/2 inch)  a screw gun or drill is very handy, but if you can hand crank the screws in if you feel Manly enough

Step 1:

this version uses stock boards, whith no cutting.   In my version, I ripped one of the boards length wise on my table saw, to make 2 furring strips, but you can just use one of you dont have power tools.

screw the boards together about 9.5 inches apart.  the pint bottles I use are 8 inches tall.  screw one of the boards to the back and run a screw through the back at every  shelf as support.

<p>I love how fast and simple this is, and you're totally right about store-bought shelving being too deep to usefully store things like bottles/cans where you need to be able to see/identify and pull out an item without knocking others over. I love being able to use stock items (I work at Lowe's and can get anything cut to the size I need before I bring it home) so all that needs to be done is screw things together. Excellent 'ible!</p>

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