These mirrors were created from reclaimed pine paneling that was pulled out during a renovation of a local church and reclaimed mahogany deck balusters that I also pulled out of the trash. Each section was glued up and then the coves were cut at an angle on the table saw and glued up again into the panels. The mirrors were repurposed from the center pieces at my sister's wedding. Enjoy the build!

These were Inspired by Kyle Toth's Nashua Cabinet build.

Music credit for my video goes to Aviators.

Step 1: Rough Materials & Sizing

Materials - a stack of reclaimed pine 1x8s and 2x2 mahogany balusters. All materials for this project were rescued from the trash. Just doing my part. You're welcome.

The pine is all cut down into 1.5" strips.

And each of the mahogany balusters is cut down the middle.

I pulled out the thickness planer to take the gunk off the surface of the pine pieces and to take the rounded corners off to the mahogany. Everything is also brought down to consistent thickness.

<p>Cutting the coves is something I would like to try in the future. Great job! Voted!</p>
<p>Thanks! It's a fun technique</p>
<p>Nice wood selection the mirrors turned out great!</p>
<p>Thanks Dan!</p>
The method you used to create this is very brave!
<p>For sure! The technique can create some cool results though</p>

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