Covenant Carbine Rifle





Introduction: Covenant Carbine Rifle

This gun took me awhile to make and I had to redo a few things, but its pretty good.
The detail is very good, but it is missing a few things.
The top part I had to redo, I added a eject able clip like in the game.

Data: The Covenant Carbine Rifle is the Covenant counter part of the Battle Rifle. It fires one shot at a time and has a one zoom scope.

plus a picture of the gun with the old top piece.

the way this shows you to make this is separates the main pieces into the Back, Bottom Back, Front Bottom, Barrel, and the Top.

Step 1: Back Part Step 1

the whole back part is made of 2 (same) pieces together by blue rods, there are a few more things like the trigger part and the bottom right Grey piece.

Step 2: Back Bottom Piece

this is the Back Bottom piece or belly of the gun.

Step 3: Front Bottom Piece

this is the piece that is right under the barrel.

Step 4: Barrel

The barrel is 4 grey rods attached to the snow flakes connectors and it uses no straight connectors.

Step 5: Top of the Head Piece

this is the detail part for the top piece.

Step 6: Head Piece

this is what the ammo piece goes into & what ejects it.

Step 7: Putting It Toghter

all of the pieces connect together at the points closest.



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    dude you need to update it it would be cool then. Plus the robot says you made an epic fail on documentation

    can we use a blue 3-d connector instead of a bunch of white?

    1 reply

    the actual carbine looks like a childs toy, (it is purple and the digital readout looks like a sunflower.)

    Hey every one, it has been a long time since I last posted anything but that drought will be over soon because within a few days I will have posted a new K'nex Jaffa Staff Weapon which I recently made this weekend. I hope you comment on it and rate it when it becomes viewable.

    1 word... AWSOME i love the detachable bolt clip it would be better if u posted instructions on how to make the stand

    3 replies

    The stand alone is really simple and not so great. It likes to fall over sometimes.

    Hey if you what to work on your plasma pistol i suggest you use the design for the plasma rifle made by DRADIS.

    8 inches away from the *real* thing according to halopedia....but that also said the plasma rifle was over 2 feet long, its an accurate replica...but it's far to big to be practical, so i shrunk it... if you don't want to shrink it stick you'r arm through the hole its...un-comfortable, but if you'r wearing a jacket that doesn't matter in a nutshell 5*

    1 reply

    yeah, you can just makes sure they are facing the right way to avoid construction errors.

    ok everyone i have finally posted instructions for the carbine rifle.

    no offense, but i kinda like dutchwarlord's better. i might be posting instructions for it soon.

    1 reply