Hi. In this instructable I would like to show you what I did to protect my Gopro camera.

Although the camera comes with an housing ... I couldn't find on internet whether it would survive a hit (multiple hits) from BB. And paying 40GBP for a new one to try it is to expensive. So I decide to protect the housing with some stuff I had from a previous project.

Materials :
- acrylic glass 3 GBP inc shipping
glue (I've used this)13 GBP inc shipping
- foam 1 GBP (pound shop)
- black film/sticker (optional = 1 GBP)

Glue :
- micrometer
- drill
- jigsaw
- dremel / proxxon ... rottary tool
- file or sandpaper

Step 1: The Front

Measure the width and height of the cover. It something around 72 x 56 mm. When drawing the line for cutting on the acrylic add some extra "mm" to the height to overlap the black locking mechanism and a little bit for the bottom. Add some extra "mm" for the foam (I added about 2mm) to the length and for the sides (2x5mm).

Now measure the dims of the "black round rectangle" that's covering the lens. It should be like 43.5 x 39 mm. Now when drawing the lines for the "black rectangle" place it like 6-8mm from the longer side of the acrylic (on the picture it's the bottom) ... and 7mm from the shorter side. The 7 mm covers the 5mm of the side that will be covering the housing and 2mm for the foam. Once you have that, drill a hole(s) into the rectangle and cut it out with the jig saw. Once cut, you might need to file/adjust some of the sides so it will fit onto the  housing.

When you cut this rectangle out, place the glass on the housing and determine the position/center of the button. It helps, when you remove the protective film from the glass so you can see it, make a dot and use a 12mm drill bit to make the hole. Once you drill that out, you can play with the rectangle - to file some bit and pieces off, so it will fit nicely. I recommend to do it very tight, as I didn't want mine to "wable".

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