Picture of Cover your drums in FUR
Rejuvinate your old drums, and your passion for playing them, by wrapping them in fur. Whether you play alone in your mom's basement, the local dive, or stages around the globe, this drum'structable will help you stand out in the crowd.

Will it hamper the resonance of the drum shells? Who cares! - they will look sweet and it will give you something to talk about with the ladies.

The best part - this instructable does not require glue, tape, or anything that would maher the drums appearance once the fur is removed. Change their look as often as you like.
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Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of Stuff you'll need

drum key
philips head screwdriver
tape measure
furry fabric (any type of fabric will do). You can find tons of fabric options at your local craft store.

Step 2: Measuring & cutting

Picture of measuring & cutting
C:\Documents and Settings\RPfeiffer1271\Desktop\ & Instructables\drums in fur\Drums in Fur 009.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\RPfeiffer1271\Desktop\ & Instructables\drums in fur\Drums in Fur 027.jpg
Take all hardware off of the drum. Measure the circumference and depth of the drum. Add 2" to the circumference measurement so the fabric will overlap itself when wrapped around drum.

Cut the fabric accordingly.

Step 3: Wrap the fur around the drum shell, make holes in fabric

Picture of Wrap the fur around the drum shell,  make holes in fabric
C:\Documents and Settings\RPfeiffer1271\Desktop\ & Instructables\drums in fur\Drums in Fur 033.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\RPfeiffer1271\Desktop\ & Instructables\drums in fur\Drums in Fur 043.jpg
Start the fabric at one set of drum lugs. while holding the fur in place, pierce holes through the fur into the existing lug screw holes of the drum.

Screw the first lug back on the drum to hold the fur in place. Repeat process for all lugs until you get all the way around.

Step 4: Complete the wrap

Picture of complete the wrap
C:\Documents and Settings\RPfeiffer1271\Desktop\ & Instructables\drums in fur\Drums in Fur 047.jpg
After replacing all the lugs around the drum to get back where you started, unscrew the original 2 lugs from the drum.

Overlap the fabric and re-attach the lugs so they now hold both ends of the fur in place.

Step 5: Trim the furry edges

Picture of Trim the furry edges
now that the drum has been wrapped and the lugs have been secured back in place, you must trim the outside edges of the fur to accomodate the drumheads and rims to fit.

Simply measure about .5" and trim around both ends of the drum. This will be enough to put the heads and rims back on without wrinkling the fur.
Applejacks3 years ago
after i saw your ible, i had to fur my own kit. i did it about a year ago but i never got around to sharing pics. and yes, thats a 22x28" bass drum (i spliced together two 22x14" shells with my woodworking skills and forgot to make an ible out of it)
tuaduct4 years ago
This IS damnd great!!  I just finished my "Polar Pearl" set :D
DrumMaking5 years ago
Very creative...but as far as drum tones go, adding an extra 1/2" of fabric sound absorption to your drums isnt the best idea.
mg0930mg5 years ago
I love this idea!
Bro! i did this same thing to my old pearl export. it was wickeddd. except mine was yellow and black. looooooks good
and yet you still cant play magic bus on it
When I clicked this, I thought "Wow, that's a dumb way to spell fire." And then, when the image loaded I thought "That doesn't even look like fire! This sucks! That just looks like fu-... Oh." WTF is wrong with me today?
can you show a picture of your complete furry drumset
Coming from a drummer, this is an interesting idea. But no one do this on a vintage kit (if its japanese go ahead). You will seriously lose value on the kit. I cringe everytime I see a beautiful set of rogers or ludwigs that are ruined by installing a pearl mount or doing something crazy like this.
theknife (author)  Thunderexpress7 years ago
Thunderexpress - i'm with you on this. I hate to see a beautiful set of drums devalued by drilling holes or doing some other irreversible modifications. Good call.
AT7 years ago
I like it! Wish I had seen this or thought about it XX years ago when I was in HS. Our school colors are Orange and Black and our mascot is the tiger. This would have been GREAT! But we were styling with out orange sparkle drums and black wool uniforms.
theknife (author)  AT7 years ago
what would have looked really sweet is nice white fur on the drums to compliment the orange and black uniform you were rocking back then.
AT theknife7 years ago
Maybe. It seems to me that our uniforms we mainly black. The white might have made us look too generic? But then, that was before the black and white generic look hit the market. So we could have been trend setters! I didn't notice in your pictures, but did you leave a hole for the air port on the side of the drum?
theknife (author)  AT7 years ago
god question. I did, but I did not try to take the existing grommet off of the drum. I just cut the hole after the fur was already fastened down.
dentsinger7 years ago
I would think this would totally kill the resonance of the shells.
theknife (author)  dentsinger7 years ago
you actually be surprised. If you have the toms on hanging mounts, it's hard to notice any difference in resonance, especially if you use ambassadors and emperors on the the toms, especially when mic'd. Maybe there is a small loss in resonance, but nobody I have asked, including sound guys at clubs, can tell.
nickyjez7 years ago
This is rad! I'm not a drummer (although who doesn't secretly want to be.) but you're making me want to give this a shot. The Tony the Tiger fur gets a thumbs up. One question though, you really don't need any adhesive? Does the fur ever start to get loose? Word.
theknife (author)  nickyjez7 years ago
if you are careful to wrap the fur snugly, there will be less chance of it getting caught on cymbal stands etc, and thus, less chance of pulling or loosening. Good question
rotter7 years ago
Dude, How about adding a picture of the completed kit. Did you run out of steam?
AndrewM7 years ago
Nice work! Makes me want to wrap everything in fur!
canida7 years ago
That's sweet!
joemonkey7 years ago
cool idea, and i like , coming from a drummer th only think is, i have a very nice tama pearl white 11 piece set, and im not going to do this.
i gota say man, i'm realy lovin the instructable but was that a pearl masters kit!? dude, u just covered where it says what kit it is so now no-one will no what a nice set u've got lol i just got a mapex v-series so im gona try this on my old drumworld. realy nice instructable!!! you definately get a +