Introduction: Covering Under Eye Circles and Blemishes Tired of looking at those under eye circles and blemishes? Let Shiloe show you how to cover those dark circles and blemishes.


1. Good Skin and Preparation: Always keep your skin clean with a consistent regimen and keep your hands off of your face. Use an acne treatment for your blemishes.

2. Covering Blemishes: With a small concealer brush pat concealer on the blemish and blend outward. We recommend CoverGirl Simply Ageless eye concealer.

3. Setting Coverage: Use a powder to set the concealer. Here Shiloe uses CoverGirl Clean and Normal pressed powder to give the concealed blemish a finished look.

4. Covering Dark Circles: Apply corrector to any shadow area under your eyes. We like Olay Simply Ageless Corrector which has Olay Regenerist Serum right in it and a yellow pigment to offset dark circles.


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