Picture of Covering a guitar speaker cabinet with TOLEX
How to measure, cut, and cover a guitar speaker cabinet with TOLEX

Step 1: Measure and cut a strip of TOLEX

Picture of Measure and cut a strip of TOLEX
First Measure and cut a strip of Tolex
The amplifier cabinet is 9.5" at the Bottom and 8.75" at the Top
you will have to wrap the tolex around the cabinet,
so ADD 3/4" for the thickness of the wood and 1" to each side to wrap around
3/4" + 3/4" + 2" = 3.5" + 9.5 = 13" total for the width of the strip to be cut.
I use a dry wall strait edge for clean cuts,
*PLEASE use Caution when cutting Tolex with a razor blade*
j-plan4 years ago
totally agree with j69, sorry but this isnt an instructable. and weather j69 has done a better instructalbe or not, his point still remains - you haven't explained the bits that needed explaining. sorry again.
AyJay5704 years ago
Wow @ampRiser, he is just advising on certain ideas to make your instructable better. I was wondering the same thing myself. Such as where exactly to place the cut Tolex and where to place the relief cuts. No need to be so harsh man.
j695 years ago
dissapointed you haven't explained moulding around the cutout corners and pictures of cutting angles to fit the tolex neatly into the corners, you,ve only really described the no brainer side of covering the box and brushed over the important bits.
jseerden j695 years ago
I totally agree.
I wish this instructable spent less time on cutting the tolex, which I thoroughly understand, and more time on how to spray glue without it dripping, what "relief cuts" are, how to hold the tolex when you apply it so it doesn't wrinkle, other such practical details.  For the clueless such as myself  :)
Re-design5 years ago
Great article and nice box too. I'm gonna try this one of these days.
iamtoats6 years ago
nice. I'm almost done with an instructable on the EVTL806 cabinets...
still needs work, but almost there.
Is it alright if i put a link to your instructable in the tolexing step?I always F it up some way or another....
Thanks! I found that picture on google to fill in for a while until i can get a picture of the one i'm currently building... (Different sizing idea...) I switched the picture to one of mine... I wish mine came out that nicely...
gmoon6 years ago
This a great "step by step" tutorial ! You really "covered" it in depth...
nice Im gonna do this when i make my amp for my electric guitar