Step 11: Apply the sections to the cabinet

Picture of Apply the sections to the cabinet
After all the sections are cut and dry fit
it is time to apply the sections to the cabinet
First spray a light coat of 3M 77 to the back of the Tolex
and the side of the cabinet.

*It is very important to read the Warnings on the 3M 77 spray can*
Extremely Flammable! Use only in a well ventilated area or out side
if possible! and ALWAYS were a Mask designed for Toxic fumes
DO NOT were a Dust mask this will only make things worse for you!
If you DONT have a mask Do NOT use this product!
Try a water base type of glue!
AyJay5704 years ago
Wow @ampRiser, he is just advising on certain ideas to make your instructable better. I was wondering the same thing myself. Such as where exactly to place the cut Tolex and where to place the relief cuts. No need to be so harsh man.
I wish this instructable spent less time on cutting the tolex, which I thoroughly understand, and more time on how to spray glue without it dripping, what "relief cuts" are, how to hold the tolex when you apply it so it doesn't wrinkle, other such practical details.  For the clueless such as myself  :)