Step 9: Lock, Load, Fire When Ready

To arm the weapon, you use the trigger mechanism to push the hammer back. Once pushed all the way back, push the trigger down (behind the hook) to lock it into place. As you close the lid to the Altoids Tin, feed the wire through the slice in the lid. Now, load the dart/ammo into the barrel, and when you're ready to fire, give the wire a tug. This is best explained with a video:

Cool I put this in my altoids tins creations guide.
could you use gorila glue
I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Gorilla glue pretty much sticks to nothing but human skin (and that it binds to on contact, forever). It takes *FOREVER* to dry, and when it dries, it becomes so brittle the slightest pressure will break the &quot;seal.&quot;<br/><br/>I honestly haven't found anything that Gorilla Glue is actually good for, which is why I'm not entering the contest.<br/>
Gorilla Glue is actually a marvelous art medium. It can be drizzled, blobbed, etc onto a canvas or board, left to set up, and then painted to create wonderful movement and texture in a piece.<br><br>However, I once found out the hard way that gorilla glue does not work to mend plastic eyeglass frames. Trust me, you don't want to know.
Perhaps they should rename it to &quot;Gorrila Art Medium?&quot; Because as glue, it's fairly useless.
i fixed a telescope with it and it still holds after two years of abuse
*laughs* It's possible. But hey, I have a great use for it! :D
Really? it always fixes my glasses :)
It didn't bond to my glasses, but it bonded to everything else... the bamboo skewer I was using, my hands, etc. It was... interesting, to say the least!
Hm, wierd. I always use it when my glasses ear piece walls off. i just stick a dab of glue on and set it on a paper towl to dry overnight. then i cant close that side of the glasses, but it works :)
Do you mean the Gorilla Glue Super Glue or just the regular Gorilla Glue? I meant the original, expanding, wet-each-surface-and-clamp glue. It wasn't good.
im... not sure. I dont break my glasses anymore, but im pretty sure it was just &quot;gorrilla Glue&quot; so... idunno.
gotta agree w/you.
Very nice instructable, i might build one if i can find the parts lying around<br>an extra touch could be a small laser pointer next to the barrel to act as an aiming device. =)
It would be col if you could modify it to shoot altoids- then you could put altoids over the piping inside and noone would know!
Me like, me want
i want to make this so bad but i cant figure out that pic<br />
If i have read this right.. he glued/ puttied a smale wire hook to the end of the gun (shooting end i believe?) which is large enough to hook onto the rubber band, but small enough so the tin can close.
Yes very true words there chap
Does it have to be copper?
Hey, a video in high speed of this would be so epic! Only if you can though...
:) I did look into the cost of getting a truly high-speed camera, but I was shocked at the going rate of them. Some people RENT them (with a technician) for as much as $500-$1000 per DAY. Would have to pass on this one.
I don't get this or step 5.
Erm, where is step 2? Is step 2 where you do something with the bic pen, like cut it open or something? Cause i just don't understand how this would work
the bic pin is the barrel<br>
did it w/ a dip tin ;)
whats jb stik<br />
Epoxy putty.&nbsp; Effectively, a very strong adhesive.&nbsp; Easy to find at most hardware stores in the adhesives and glue section.<br />
Well, more accurately, it's an expoxy putty that can handle heats up to 500 degrees Farenheit.&nbsp; It's also conductive, so is handy for electronics, too.
If I'm trying to work on electronics, I'm getting the soldering iron out and using that.<br />
Sometimes the components are too heat sensitive, or you're just in a hurry.<br /> <br />
I cheat and use alligator clips as a rudimentary heat sink.&nbsp; As for being in a hurry, I understand that.&nbsp; However, I will not use epoxy putty on a circuit board.<br />
lol i made something like this, it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!<br />
I don't really get the firing mechanism and such, I get the hammer and plunger thing, but not how it cocks and is triggered
Never mind, video cleared it up a LOT
wouldn't this be... well... dangerous?
99% of the stuff on this site would be dangerous if not handled maturely and with some common sense.
Perfect mechanism for a trip wire.
:D Didn't think about that. The girlfriend will have a bad evening, and I'll let you know how it goes if I can find a way to anchor it.
Cruel :) (I'm not laughing and thinking about how funny that will be!)
Airsoft bb's are almost the exact diatmeter of a bic pin try THOSE!
I bet they're work great! I bet you could use tech classes to make these- "hint hint"
hmm... I have no idea what your talking about tanmanknex ; )
Just a suggestion for those in school still.
I'm still with Cubie2 on this one...
What do you mean?
I would be guessing Airsoft bb's

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