All of the projects in this Instructable will show you how to make your own spy toolkit, all disguised within the common, unsuspected cigarette.

(Size used was 7.5mm x 84mm)

I take no responsibility for your actions. Never light or drop a cigarette in a flammable area. Always comply to your country's laws. Never give a modified cigarette to anyone else. Always take care when making things and use proper safety equipment. 

Devices concealed:

Compass needle
Drill bit
Wire wool
Torch flashlight
Fishing line
Fake blood

Although it is not as widespread as during the 20th Century and I do not promote smoking or smoke myself, it is still very common and so is a prime item for concealment.

More often than not the smell and packet branding of the cigarettes is one of the most import parts of a cover identity especially when in another country. If you are posing as a French farmer then it would look suspicious if you were to smoke high quality American tobacco compared to the common choice of your peers.

Step 1: Compass Needles, Scalpels and Drill Bits

This is one of the easiest concealments requiring no alteration to the cigarette other than insertion. Giggedy.

The main reason for hiding a needle (other than sewing) is it that it would be magnetised, allowing the undercover agent to find magnetic North by putting the needle through a small piece of polystyrene or cork and placing in still water and allowing it to rotate. Such devices were used by resistance groups and downed pilots during WW2.

The needle or blade can be magnetised by rubbing a magnet along the metal in one direction about 20 -30 times.

The scalpel or needle can simply be pushed into the cigarette being careful not to pierce the paper. For a wider blade or the drill bit some tobacco removal may be required.

Cover the hidden item with more tobacco.
If ya go to the pound shop they sell vape type cigarettes - - pop off the end, take out the guts - they work great, I have used them for loads of stuff
<p>I NOW KNOW WHY THE TF2 SPY SMOKES. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!</p><p>Also, HL3 is confirmed and Spy is illuminati confirmed.</p>
What an awesome spy kit! Almost wish I hadn't quit smoking;-)

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