Picture of Covert Spy Sunglasses
I've always wanted a pair of spy sunglasses that record stealth video but they run upwards of $300. So here's how to make your own that work great, record color video AND audio! Watch the Test Results in the video!

Step 1: What You Need...

Picture of What You Need...
1. Micro Color Spy Camera that records audio and has an optional 9 volt power clip. GET IT HERE
NTSC 380 TV Lines
Effective Element: 510x492
Viewing angle: 30 ~ 35 degrees
Automatic Iris, Exposure with adjustable focus
Viewing Distance: 50 mm to infinity
Full Motion Real Time Color Video without delay
Operating Voltage: 9-Volt Battery or AC-DC +8V 200mA Power Adapter
Operating Duration by Battery: 10 hours on Duracell or Energizer Alkaline Battery

2. 1 Pair Solar Shield Polarized Sunglasses. I picked a size Medium ($19.95 + tax - Walmart)

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Bridel5686 years ago
or you could disguise the wire as a ear bud headphone because what would happen if someone asked "why do you have a random wire connected to your glasses? and why does it run down your shirt?" with the headphone idea the wire wont be so suspicious and you would be less likely to get caught.
My reply: "Just my mp3 player, I modded out the earbuds so they're connected to my sunglasses."
demonbabi136 years ago
Ok, hopefully im not the only one with this problem. I like to go to a lot of concerts, but indoor venues are pretty against the "no video policy". I will still do this since in my area, people wear sunglasses outside. But is there a smaller camcorder you would reccomend? They dont check pockets but that thing is kinda chunkey and the slimmer it is the better. Also, since your recording to a dv/dvd, is it possible to start/stop it to make seperate tracks or am i better off slicing it into tracks?
meant to say inside.. everyone wears sunglasses outside
You could mount it in a hat, a tie or a general piece of clothing, or just hold it in the general direction of the stage.
I don't know about specific models of camcorders but if you go down to you JB HiFi or similar and ask around, just make sure it's got video/audio input. To stop and start you would just have to press the record button.
I want to make a paintball gun-cam out of one of these, but keeping a big camcorder safe will be hard
use a smaller, cheaper one or just find a video/audio inputtable memory device. then epoxy putty the crap out of it except the USB connector port. epoxy putty'll make just about anything indestructible.
peytonjr6 years ago
haha... you could put something like this on your cat to see what it does all day. maybe with a motion on switch so it isnt just all when the cat's sleeping
Darn!! My Camcorder doesnt have any Inputs or outputs, let alone a/v. To think I spent $350 on a piece of plastic.
1spartan956 years ago
Da Na,DA NA!
Domino is awesome XD.
bbglas0076 years ago
Would it somehow be possible to write direct to a usb drive or an sd card? That'd be wikid. I don't own a handy cam, they are quite pricey.
Derin6 years ago
The next time you do this,you could use 4 core phone wiring.Just an idea.
Renagade6 years ago
Hi, I just wanted to ask, what kind of video quality do the cameras have? see I want to make a sort of virtual reality thing for a project I'm doing...
its a little perverted recording people at the beach!!! peedo!
Let's get a little pervert-naming conventions corrected here. Pedophile ("Pedo") - one who loves small children... yes, like that. Voyeur - someone who "likes to watch" either through video, mirrors, windows, peepholes or otherwise. Let's all get a little learned here people... I know I wouldn't like it if somebody called me something I wasn't.
For sure.. :) I love being a pervert, but I ain't no pedo!
its a robot!,its a fur ball..NO!it's Domino the spppyyy cat! Coming soon in a teather near you
meow... DIE!
Brother_D6 years ago
Hey, nice instructable! I found that exact camera that you used on eBay for nine bucks! Now I just have to convince my dad to loan me nine bucks...
MilotisX6 years ago
Hi, I was wondering if most video camcorders have a similar input to the one in this video. Im not exactly sure how to do the connecting. I really appreciate your videos, I'm a long time fan. Tell Domino I said hi!
Kipkay, you rock. All your instructables are sweet, and they're really well done. good on you, -Jeff
Ashin7 years ago
can the spy camera be bought in stores? or only ebay?
pfry8137 years ago
haha domino cat
Plasmana7 years ago
I will build one of those spy sunglasses when I get some money... 5 stars!
Darkseid7 years ago
Is there any possible way to use a Portable hard drive?
This is an awesome idea! Only one question. I am 13, but i do understand a lot about electronics. I am not that limited with supplies either. I'm confused about the attachment to the pocket camera (the sony i think). Thats not actually taking the footage is it? Is it for the memory?
The "spy" camera is taking footage (the on that's on the glasses) and the camera records it to mini DV/DVD (in this case mini DV)
Okay that makes sense. could you use (maybe not for the same use) a ps2 eyetoy (the original) attached to a camera?
I'm not sure but you can always try :) with some adapters/converters it will work fine ;) all you need is the propper tools,motivation and google :D
Yes, of course. It just records.
ghostrider27 years ago
40 bucks my butt, you left out the cost of the camcorder.
Kipkay (author)  ghostrider27 years ago
No. I already owned that and did not have to buy it. Most people own a camcorder these days.
Rye Kipkay7 years ago
Is there any alternative to using a camcorder? Maybe if I stuffed a vcr in my backpack....
headband Rye7 years ago
I did this several years ago...I got a wireless camera that ran off a 9 volt battery so I had to use those old guy sunglasses that go over regular glasses to conceal it. Also at one point we had it mounted under the bill of a baseball cap with some electical tape (to match the hat) it was pretty hard to tell it was there if you werent looking for it but the tape did not stick so well...mabey black duct tape would have been better. I extended the wire for the antenna on the camera and the reciever I was able to hook up some standard rabbit ears to increase the range a bit.
Mario17 years ago
Output Interfaces S-Video • Composite (Video) • Audio (RCA) • USB hope this works :|
waacky idea: how bout attacin the camera to a transmiter and makin a reciever with a scren on it to view Perfect for my brother's prom etc im only 10 please help me with dat
G3t a life :D:D just buy a IP cam and be happy... yall' dont have hte supplies to make a transmiter (pcb lcd reciever etc...) and you don't have the knowlegge to do it so as i said just buy a ip camera...
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