Step 6: Connect the camera...

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I chose a Sony Camcorder that I already had (DCR-H32) because of it's size, it has A/V inputs and shoots MiniDV. You can easily hide the wiring down the back of your neck and in your shirt and then down into a pocket in your pants, inside a jacket pocket or anywhere else. Add the 9 volt battery clip and you are ready to shoot some spy footage!
bbglas0076 years ago
Would it somehow be possible to write direct to a usb drive or an sd card? That'd be wikid. I don't own a handy cam, they are quite pricey.
MilotisX6 years ago
Hi, I was wondering if most video camcorders have a similar input to the one in this video. Im not exactly sure how to do the connecting. I really appreciate your videos, I'm a long time fan. Tell Domino I said hi!