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Step 1: Supplies

You will need: A skewer Scissors Hot glue Pink highlighter Black sharpie

Step 2: Eye Holes

Draw two holes that are about the size of your eyes. Cut them out.

Step 3: Coloring

Color spots on the cow, and his nose. Color the nose in with the pink highlighter.

Step 4: Skewer-ing

Cut the pointy end if the skewer off. And then cut the stick in half. Now glue half of the stick to the plate. As shown above.

Step 5: Done!!!

Now you are done! Wear to chic-fil-a and get free food!!!! YUM! Follow and favorite, and do not forget to do the same for my friend mkitty!
Luv it !!!!!!!!!!!
Fav. Not fab.
No. My fab animal is a pig. They should have a pig appreciation day......... ;)
Adorable! Is your fav animal a cow??

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Bio: I........ Am a magical unicorn. Please follow and favorite!! And do the same for my friend mkitty!
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