Picture of Cowboy Boot Purse
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They say you are a redneck if you have more cowboy boots than sneakers.  So what are you called you if you make a gift from a cowboy boot?  ...strange? ...odd?  ...peculiar?

I found a used pair of cowboy boots in a free box that were too pretty to pass up.  While the size was wrong and the sole was shot, the upper leather section was still in great shape.  I snagged them knowing someday I'd find a great way to repurpose them.

With the addition of a matching belt and two links from a broken chain, a purse is born!

Step 1: Prepare the Upper Section of the Leather

Picture of Prepare the Upper Section of the Leather
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  • Cut off the bottom portion of the boot where the shoe section begins.
  • Working with the plyable upper section, turn the the leather inside out so the decorative section is facing inward.
  • Flatten the upper leather section so curve of the machine seams/boot straps are on the side. 
  • Draw a straight line 3/4" across the cut section of the boot. 
  • Starting 3/4" from the end, mark the straight line at 1/4" intervals.
  • Place a wooden shim under the leather and clamp another along the line so it acts as a straight edge.
  • Drill through both pieces of leather until penetrating the bottom shim.
  • Carefully remove the bottom wooden shim and keep the clamps attached to the upper shim so the drilled holes remain aligned.
darklotus6 months ago

Clever and funky upcycling!

paulacole7 months ago

Great instructions and a lovely gift. Thank you.

Happy New Year and make many wonderful things this year. Including money.

3366carlos2 years ago
Kudos. You and your purse would look stylish here at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth.
yellowcatt2 years ago
Very nice design.
That is a really neat bit of up-cycling work.
kcli (author)  yellowcatt2 years ago
Thanks. Boot uppers are just too pretty - even after the sole/heel is shoy.
I see a Redneck-made Christmas present in my friend's future. Nice work and great idea for reuse.

kcli (author)  Livingstrong2 years ago
Excellent! Once you have your materials & tools, it takes very little time to create. Just be sure to use a boot upper that is flexible.

If you like the way it turns out, consider voting for me in all 3 contests (Reuse / Redneck / Holiday gifts). Thanks!
sunshiine2 years ago
My daughter would love that purse! Your pictures are amazing!
kcli (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thank you for your kind words!
Jerky! Definitely!