Cowboy Boot Stocking





Introduction: Cowboy Boot Stocking

Want to design your own stocking this year? Make a cool cowboy boot stocking that everyone will love. It was quick and easy.

Materials needed are:
Most of these can be found at A.C. Moore's
-Felt of the colors you choose. I used 8.5x11 sheets but if you want a bigger stocking, then get a bigger sheet of felt.
-Permanent or fabric marker
-Fabric Paint to add designs
-Sewing machine or you can hand sew it
-Double sided fabric glue
-An iron to heat up the fabric glue and flatten edges after sewing

Step 1: Design

I traced a real cowboy boot onto cardboard from a cereal box. The stocking wasn't as big as a real stocking but this was more for decoration so I was okay with that. You can easily go online and find the style boot you want and print it out instead.

Step 2: Cut Material

Cutting the material was relatively easy. Just use a sharpie to outline your stencil and go from there. But beware, you need to leave extra material on all sides except the top for sewing it all together. Half an inch should do. Im just a guy, so of course I didn't realize that mistake until I pinned my pieces together.

Step 3: Planning

You have to decide which order of events you are going to follow as you make the stocking. I decided that I was going to fabric glue my dark brown and light brown pieces together, sew them, and then fabric glue the black bottom on, then add details.

Fabric glue requires an iron, so heat it up while you cut it to the shape you need. It has to be slightly smaller then the fabric you glue. Remember to use double sided fabric glue and don't let it directly touch the iron!

Step 4: Pin, Sew, Glue

Flip each side inside out, pin them together (pins go perpendicular to the stitch line) and get sewing.
Iron on the bottom of the boot and iron the whole thing so that the edges flatten down.

Step 5: Finishes and Details

I sewed on the pull up straps last. They can actually be used to hang the stocking as well as give the boot a realistic look. Add and thing you want to the boot at this point to give it your style. I cut out a design for the top of the boot and traced it with permanent marker then went over it with black fabric paint. 



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    very nice. will be doing this.

    post yours in the comments!

    For putting up another progect

    No problem, just published it

    Cool, those look great!