Picture of Cowboy boot knife sheath
I made this for 2 reasons: 1, there are lots of military boot knives for sale, but I found out these are supposed to go in the lacing of a boot. And as you know, cowboy boots don't have laces. And 2, I was wrapping the handle of my knife in paracord, and the knife would not fit in the old sheath with paracord on the handle. By the way, I was not thinking about making an instructible when I made his sheath so I did not take many pictures I will have to do my best with what ive got.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here are the things you will need to make it the way I did. However, feel free to modify my design.

Razor Knife
Leather scissors
Hole punch
Saddle leather (thick leather)
needle and thread (I used tandy leathers sinew thread)
Somewhat thick wire
Gorilla Glue

Step 2:

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First you need to trace your knife blade onto the saddle leather. Then cut out the shape with the razor knife so that you have a 'U' shape like the one pictured. P.S. It might take a while to cut out the saddle leather. But keep on cuttin and dont get in a hurry and try to tear the leather out. And the leather does not need to be really tight. You will see why later.

Step 3:

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Draw a design like the one below. You should be able to place the leather U on one side and still have enough room to sew once it is folded over.

Step 4:

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Cut out the section shown below. this will help form the belt loop.

Step 5:

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place the U on the leather cutout and fold it over. I added some gorrilla glue to keep the U from falling out. Then, stitch the leather  closed as shown.

Step 6:

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Then, sew the flap of leather by the handle over to form a loop.

Step 7:

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Next, place the knife in the sheath and soak everything in water for 15 min or until soaked. Then, place the knife and sheath out to dry. 
Twelfthian11 months ago
What knife is that?
Very nice work! I've been looking around for something like this.