I made this for 2 reasons: 1, there are lots of military boot knives for sale, but I found out these are supposed to go in the lacing of a boot. And as you know, cowboy boots don't have laces. And 2, I was wrapping the handle of my knife in paracord, and the knife would not fit in the old sheath with paracord on the handle. By the way, I was not thinking about making an instructible when I made his sheath so I did not take many pictures I will have to do my best with what ive got.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the things you will need to make it the way I did. However, feel free to modify my design.

Razor Knife
Leather scissors
Hole punch
Saddle leather (thick leather)
needle and thread (I used tandy leathers sinew thread)
Somewhat thick wire
Gorilla Glue
<p>wow, that would make for a tight fit. good job.</p>
What knife is that?
Very nice work! I've been looking around for something like this. <br> <br>Livingstrong

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