Step 12: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
And we're done!

Super easy. Feels like you're wearing a blanket. Doubles as a hood.


this looks like an awesome project to get the winter started with.. I would love to know how you took your measurement so I know how to get mine right :)
hellovillain (author)  sarahofsydney1 year ago
Sorry for the terribly late reply. I based the measurements off of a comfy sweater that fit me a little loosely. I measured that sweater and used it as the jumping off point for cutting up the fleece.
D_mon2 years ago
this is brilliant, thankyou! gonna make one tomorrow. unfortunately the only fleece blanket i have is bright orange, but it'll do for the first attempt. gonna have to find a nice green one like yours eventually though, thats exactly my favorite colour! you are winning! *high five*
hellovillain (author)  D_mon2 years ago
Thanks for the high five! I would love to see photos of your sweater once you finish sewing it!