Coyote Proof Feral Cat Shelter




Introduction: Coyote Proof Feral Cat Shelter

Feral cats are the simplest and cleanest way to control critters that you don't want on your land. But feral cats also need shelter from marauding coyotes present in both rural and urban areas. Our resident feral, Rosy has disappeared after surviving about four years in the wild. The pocket gophers rejoice....

So it's time to restock, I will be going to pick up some ferals at the Nevada Humane Society in Reno when autumn starts to cool down.

I have also made the barn more secure, with three exits and a kind of kitty cat balcony for quick escapes should old Wiley show up.

Step 1: Escape Hatch to the Barrel Outside

Female coyotes are almost as small as cats out here, so I created a labyrinth of cubbie holes and foot holds for the kitties to get away should a small female coyote .actually get in the cat door.

Step 2: A Feral Cat...

Balcony and Par Cor Court



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