Picture of Cozy Boat
A little boat like a floating papasan chair. Perfect to lay in and look at the sky.
Exactly big enough for two people to snuggle.
The supermodels in the boat are Arwen and Saul.
This boat is part umiak, part currach, part coracle, part papasan chair.
Here's how to make a tougher skin for it from truck tarp material.
The book "Umiak" by Skip Snaith will fill in any construction details that aren't clear here.

Now on Know How!

Check out episodes one, two, three, four, six, and

Step 1: Stems

Picture of Stems
The boat ended up being 9'6" long, 43" wide (measuring to the outside edges of the boat, and 18" deep in the middle (measured on the inside of the boat.)

The first step was making the stems.
I sketched them out freehand and cut them from 3/8" marine okoume plywood.

To beef up and widen the outer edge I glued on some more plywood using epoxy thickened with wood dust as seen here.
White flour works just as well, whole wheat flour doesn't. Don't use 5 minute epoxy for anything, it's not waterproof.

If I did it again I'd make the stems taller and not nearly as beefy.
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bridi2 years ago
Nice job, nice boat. One correction; 5 minute epoxy is waterproof, I've used it as an emergency repair on boats below the waterline and it's lasted fine.
neil17012 years ago
I quite liked your home made boat.I made one myself and entered it in i think it was summer watercraft challenge on instructables last year.I made a frame on skin idea but used upvc planks like used for making double glazing window frame,plastic sheeting on the outside for a skin and blocks of foam and plastic bottles stuffed inside it for bouyancy.Was about 5 ft 5 inches length by 4ft in middle-beam at widest point and drew about 5-6 inches.A few pictures attached....
Legutki5 years ago
where do you find Papasan chairs?
I just found one in a dumpster!!
The ARC, Goodwill, alleys, yardsales... Most folks are trying to get rid of them.
J@50n Legutki5 years ago
pier1, world market, walmart (maybe), tons of places, all over the internet
Legutki J@50n5 years ago
J@50n Legutki5 years ago
ur welcome :)
LucDaRocka14 years ago
could i build a skeleton out of bamboo? i have a lot that grows right down the street on property where the people who own the land let me pick it. :)
Yes. Do it.Do it now! You'll never regret it.
Wrap, bind and duct-tape the joints before you skin it. Bamboo is extremely sharp on split edges and "splinters" (Google "punjie sticks"). Also, check out the Gaelic skin boats, I think the spelling is "camragh". They are brush rings bound about in a doughnut fashion and then laid on a tarp (skin) and then pulled inside and ticked under the brush ring. Paddle away! I pray you can swim, or have rescuers around the pool with a line. Keep trying.
well it was cold when we sank, we were in jeans and heavy coats...... and thanks for the tips
Lozowsky5 years ago
I like your vice.
McGyver25 years ago
nice.... now if it could only fly....
McGyver25 years ago
So if there are wheels on the up side of it, does that mean that it can be flipped over and doubled up as a land vehicle too?
TimAnderson (author)  McGyver25 years ago
yes indeed. just flip it upside down and it's a wagon.
Saul looks like Will Ferrell.
PaulE8 years ago
A beautiful instructable. BTW, where did you find the roof paint? It looks perfect for another project I am working on.
TimAnderson (author)  PaulE8 years ago
I got it at a home depot in Massachusetts. It's "snow roof systems" brand. The black stuff is a lot more elastic than the white stuff. It's waterbased and very thick. Pretty much anything you can paint on cotton canvas will work well. If the skin is nylon your coating has to encapsulate it perfectly or it'll get loose when it's wet.
i live in masserchuset (trying to type local dialect). alot of the materials here are more for colder conditions. what town was the home depot in.
abadfart7 years ago
nice I could have some fun with this
akanigel8 years ago
To see a good idea for sails go to this site
http://www.wbm.org.uk/page2.html. This is similar to a traditional fishing boat called a "Somerset Flatner". Somerset is a county in England and is / was used on inshore waters for fishing. When I was messing about with such boats a few years ago I came up with the idea of making a 'skin' out of a builder's / farmer's tarpaulin and getting silicone sealant ( the stuff used to seal around work-tops in kitchens and bathrooms) and smearing it with a spatular all over the skin to make it one piece and water tight. However the tarps are polythene and the silicon sealant didn't bond very well but I'm sure someone can come up with a better sheet material even if it's cotton. The cotton won't rot because it won't get wet. So perhaps next summer I will have another go at this. Nice job.
The link doesn't work because of the period at the end. if you clcick on the link just remove the period from the address in your browser. It is a great site.
Buy a decorators plastic backed coversheet. Put the plastic side out.
ledzep5677 years ago
how much does this weigh? do you think it would be sturdy enough to stand(carefully) in it? great instructable by the way
Oh my god, I love you Tim! SEE YOU IN FRANCE! haha, laughing my a$$ off!
MNboats8 years ago
This is great! I'm wondering about the dimensions. How long is this boat? Happy floating!
TimAnderson (author)  MNboats8 years ago
The boat ended up being 9'6" long, 43" wide (measuring to the outside edges of the boat, and 18" deep in the middle (measured on the inside of the boat.)
Clayton H.8 years ago
On the second image in the intro, whats that grey triangle shape near the bottom righthand cornner?
dude i gots ta gets me one of these! (first a girl for the "cudling" part is nesesaery
I think the wheels on the back are a very clever idea, i think i may have a go. Thanks
LSRPhoto8 years ago
I am VERY VERY Impressed. We bout a 2nd hand canoe and we love it. I always wanted to make one by had. a Friend of mine mad a boat out or wood buy hand. Nothing fancy and painted the bottom white so it looked like a normal boat. He sold it for $25,000!!! The guy wanted more from him. Its amazing what hade made stuff can be worth. It was like a little jon boat.
crasch488 years ago
silentdeath8 years ago
but.... maby u can have an outboard motor or paddles?and just a bit bigger to have 4 people in it? or size it down for a swett pool toy?
An outboard motor would weigh probobly as much as the boat. A trolling motor with a transom mount would be good, but then you couldnt haul it by bike.
silentdeath8 years ago
cool boat i may try it in the summer time!
Potroast8 years ago
Great article. I learned something on some skin on frame site. I think the tippyness may result from being so round bottomed. The site I looked at the guy made his ribs with a nice arc. He test floated it in the pool with a temporary plastic drop cloth skin. Too tippy, pulled all the ribs out, made them a very boxy, flat bottomed U shape by thinning the ribs at the corners of the U and that worked out well.

I admire the heck out of you guys for trying and succeeding. You might want to check out http://capefalconkayak.com/jwboat.html to see a slightly bigger, but suprisingly similar boat that was featured on the cover of woodenboat magazine in august.
rimar20008 years ago
Lucky bastard gets a boat, and a pac-man machine???? How does that seem fair???
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