Picture of Cozy Snowman Baby Blanket
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Winter is arriving and what a better  than a cozy snowman blanket for your baby!!
Here you''ll find step by step instructions to make your own.

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
For a Blanket :           29" by 38" white minky fabric
                                     29" by 38" light blue 100% cotton with a little design.
For appliques use spare scraps of cotton fabric in orange, blue, black, brown,
                                                                                            white, green colors.
                                      Cotton batting
                                       Heat n bond   iron on adhesive 
                                       Matching sewing thread
                                       60"  light blue ric rac
                                       Sewing machine
                                       Cutting mat
                                       Rotary cuter
                                       Fabric scissor
                                       Pencil and tracing paper
                                       Steam iron
condesa17 (author) 2 years ago
Hi Penolopy,
How are you? I am very happy that you like the snowman blanket, and I am sorry that I did not mention about which foot I have used.It is a zig zag foot also the same one that I use to sew straight stitch. I hope that it is help you, if you have other question just let me know.
Thank you ....
That is really cute! What foot did you use when you zigzag stitched the snowman on?