The Cozy Boat finally needed a new skin.
Seagull poop ate holes in the cotton denim skin. Then the seagulls pecked at the holes to see if it had tasty guts. They pecked right through the closed cell foam layer. Now you couldn't use the boat at all without getting a wet butt.
Ray and Chloe volunteered to make a new skin.

Step 1: Old and Broken

Here's what the old skin looked like. It lasted a few years, but the seagulls were wrecking it.
Peel it off, exposing the closed-cell foam layer underneath.
<p>I Love Your Boat! Gets my brain going about using your techniques in different projects.</p><p>GREAT JOB!</p>
Well done, a nice job, plus you have a lovely assistant that can Row while you relax
You could potentially use the tarp as a skin to begin with and not have to replace it later, right?
As kids we (the neighborhood kids) used an old plastic bathtub as a boat. It was real easy to use once you got the hang of it. <br />
You might want to try a technique from modern skin on frame kayaks and apply a Dacron skin which can be heat shrunk with a heat gun to fit, and then coated with a sealant. It would give you a tauter smoother skin and the sealant would take care of any lashing holes.<br />
I love it as much as those kids do. (Hopefully they don't hate it, and then the step title has to be changed.) +5/5 stars.
Ah, nice! I'm "fav"ing this one, and taking notes--I've got an old Klepper, but the skin is shot...
Very Cool! Great Instructable!

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