Step 10: Sewing a Cord Into the Edges

We carried the whole shebang indoors to use the best sewing machine in the world, a "unicorn" from Korea. We sewed a hem all around the edge. We put a 1/4" polyester cord in the hem first, for extra reinforcing. We left the ends of the cord hanging out so we could tighten it later.
<p>I Love Your Boat! Gets my brain going about using your techniques in different projects.</p><p>GREAT JOB!</p>
Well done, a nice job, plus you have a lovely assistant that can Row while you relax
You could potentially use the tarp as a skin to begin with and not have to replace it later, right?
As kids we (the neighborhood kids) used an old plastic bathtub as a boat. It was real easy to use once you got the hang of it. <br />
You might want to try a technique from modern skin on frame kayaks and apply a Dacron skin which can be heat shrunk with a heat gun to fit, and then coated with a sealant. It would give you a tauter smoother skin and the sealant would take care of any lashing holes.<br />
I love it as much as those kids do. (Hopefully they don't hate it, and then the step title has to be changed.) +5/5 stars.
Ah, nice! I'm "fav"ing this one, and taking notes--I've got an old Klepper, but the skin is shot...
Very Cool! Great Instructable!

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