Picture of Crack Open a Kindle Touch
This photo shows the back of a Kindle Touch. You may want to open a Kindle so you can change the battery yourself in minutes rather than waiting days for your Kindle to come back from a repair station. I had to open this one after it became water-logged in an accident. Fortunately, the electronics survived without damage.

Power the Kindle off. Use a fingernail to pull the back away from the Kindle just a little in the area of the lower half of the Kindle. I cannot say all models of the Kindle will open the same way, but I expect they might.
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Step 1: Use a coin

Picture of Use a coin
Insert a thin coin between the back and the Kindle. Twist a little to release the catches on both sides and across the bottom.

Step 2: Removing the back

Picture of Removing the back
13, 7:36 AM.jpg
13, 8:05 AM.jpg
Slide the back toward the bottom of the Kindle to release the catches on the upper portion of the back. See the red arrow. The yellow lines show the area where the slide catches are located. See the second photo. The orange lines mark the upper slide catches. The yellow lines show the lower catches.

The process of attaching the back again is the reverse of removing it. Arch the back as shown in the photo from step 2. Secure the upper catches by sliding the back upward (Ignore the red arrow.). This sounds easy, but it is easy for one catch to remain unsecured. See the third photo.

Press the lower half of the back into place until the catches snap and are secure.
I don't have a Kindle, but I can tell this is most definitely going to be helpful to someone. :D

Yeah!... me!, by example...

Phil B (author) 1 year ago
Thank you. It so happens there is also a nice video on this hosted by the people who sell batteries as linked in the last step. I had forgotten about that and had to start from scratch when my Kindle took an unexpected bath.