This photo shows the back of a Kindle Touch. You may want to open a Kindle so you can change the battery yourself in minutes rather than waiting days for your Kindle to come back from a repair station. I had to open this one after it became water-logged in an accident. Fortunately, the electronics survived without damage.

Power the Kindle off. Use a fingernail to pull the back away from the Kindle just a little in the area of the lower half of the Kindle. I cannot say all models of the Kindle will open the same way, but I expect they might.

Step 1: Use a Coin

Insert a thin coin between the back and the Kindle. Twist a little to release the catches on both sides and across the bottom.
I don't have a Kindle, but I can tell this is most definitely going to be helpful to someone. :D
<p>Yeah!... me!, by example...</p>
Thank you. It so happens there is also a nice video on this hosted by the people who sell batteries as linked in the last step. I had forgotten about that and had to start from scratch when my Kindle took an unexpected bath.

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