Demonstrate your super-human strength by ripping an apple in half with your bare hands. Learn the simple technique here.

If you prefer the video version of the Instructable, you can see the process in this short video.

Step 1: Technique

Picture of Technique
This trick is all about the technique. As the video explains, humans are not strong enough to simply grab a hold of an apple and rip it apart. The secret is to use your hands in such a way that the harder you grip the more pressure is applied from the stem of the apple outward. Keep this idea in mind as we proceed to the next steps.
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tyler roberts9 months ago

will this work on normal sized apples, or just those tiny things?

shoemaker (author)  tyler roberts9 months ago

When I was kid, there was a guy in my neighborhood with an amazing garden. He grew apples almost as big as a soccer ball. You could make a whole pie from just one. He often made the gift of one apple to the neighbors. Anyway, I'm not sure this works with his apples, but this will work with most apples you would come across.

I guess I should try it, it's a little late for apples though, first frost has been and gone.

jarikcbol8 months ago

A few extra tips to people trying this:

1. Start with Gala or Honeycrisp apples, they are the easiest to do, so you can learn the technique. Granny smith and other green apples are damn near impossible when you start out.

2. if the two palms together thing does not work for you, try one palm, and one thumb down in the stem, sometimes thats easier.

3. 'find the sweet spot' I always start out by putting a thumb in the stem, and sort of rotating the apple and feeling it, after a little practice, you sort of develop a feel for finding the direction to try and split the apple. They are all different, but there is generally a 'sweet spot' which the apple breaks along easier than other angles.

4. remember, your basicly pulling it in half, don't squeeze to much, but rather, think of it like opening a book that is stuck shut, with the spine at the base of the apple and the pages at the top, where your palms are.

Mad Fox9 months ago

haha, rage quit.... I can't do that, maybe the apple is too small compare to my hand

good ole boy9 months ago

This is awesome I pranked my little brothers with this!

The Rambler9 months ago

Haha, six years later and you're featured! This is a really cool trick. I'll have to try it on the apple I packed for lunch.

shoemaker (author)  The Rambler9 months ago
Yeah, that was nice. I think that this instructable was featured way back then. I didn't expect a second life.

Thanks for all the new views.
I was thinking the same thing lol
warehouse329 months ago

it really is the simple things in life that we love...can't wait to try this!

haggai2b9 months ago
it was easy
Electrospark9 months ago

I've tried it a while ago but didn't know the technique so i squished the apple instead of cracking it.

Thanks for your instructable! I will try your technique and hope for the best! :)

shoemaker (author)  Electrospark9 months ago

Technique matters.


I only have rotten apples and i can't crack them... :(

gravityisweak9 months ago

Out of many attempts I've got this to work one time. It takes some practice and also the proper apple. But its totally possible.

shoemaker (author)  gravityisweak9 months ago

It is easier with some apples, but once you get the hang of it, you should be able to crack just about any apple.

BadPuns9 months ago
Did this once at lunch at my high school. Everyone was mystified...
Until they discovered that they could do it, too.
shoemaker (author)  BadPuns9 months ago

Its a simple trick I learned from my mom, but people are always impressed.

Master978652 years ago
"Everyone can do this"
I'm not someone.

Are you a robot? XD

printrbot9329 months ago
I tried and failed then waited till the apple was room temp and it worked first try
LecJackS9 months ago

You can crack it again and have 4 pieces if you want to share with several people.

gfranke1 year ago
It helps if you wash the Apple first. Make sure you dry it off well. The way I've always done it is: put both of the pointy pads of your thumbs ( not the tips) inside the top of where the stem is. When you slide your thumbs passed each other, dig in and pull. It may take some practice but it's pretty easy.
I've seen people do it. Cool
csearle22 years ago
I'm trying to do this, but my hands just keep slipping off the apple. :(
Any tips?
shoemaker (author)  csearle22 years ago
Maybe wash the apple.
ilpug3 years ago
I think I'm too strong for this... I squished three apples in a row before I got one that broke mostly in half without getting crushed.
happyjo4 years ago
if only i weren't a puny wimp, I would be able to crack an apple in half like this guy!
super scout5 years ago
so awesome and makes a cool noise, and it isnt that hard
ReCreate6 years ago
I know got myself an apple,and i am trying to do it,ill report back
i failed...maybe my apple is too small...my hands hurt now...
Browncoat6 years ago
I'd love to watch the vid, but can NEVER get metacafe to work! I've tried to install the adobe flash thingy that it says to install, but it still won't work. :( Why does everyone use Metacafe instead of YouTube on here...?
Why does everyone use Metacafe instead of YouTube on here...?
Because the more people that watch your Metacafe videos, the more money you get from them.
I just did it. Im so happy =] Thanks
sev176 years ago
Are you saying scouts are week, if you are I hope you know that we are prety strong. this is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. my 9 yo brother can do it.
That's awesome!
i actually use a different technique where I use my fingers to dig into the top of the apple and split it from there
HailDanzig6 years ago
It works! haha, and you've figured out a way to get me to eat more fruits. :-p
Ian016 years ago
Ihave watched the video before and couldn't breakmy apple. Very good instructable. So it's more of a 'squeeze' than a 'pull apart.'
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