Introduction: Crack an Egg Without Making a Mess!!

This instructable will show you how to crack an egg without making a mess

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

Picture of Gather Materials Needed

You will need :

  • 1 egg
  • A bowl
  • A knife

Step 2: Crack the Egg

Picture of Crack the Egg

1. Pick up the egg

2. Hold the egg in one hand

3. Pick up the knife with your other hand

4. Make a small crack in the egg

Step 3: Put Egg in a Bowl

Picture of Put Egg in a Bowl

1. While still holding the egg, grab the bowl

2. Grab the egg with both hands

  • Make sure that you have one thumb on each side of the crack

3. Hold the egg over the bowl

4. Pull the shell opened carefully

5. Drop the egg into the bowl


Phoenix Flare (author)2015-01-07

Well done! Good Instructable, and it's great how you added a video

HowTo101 (author)Phoenix Flare2015-01-08

Thanks :)

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