Music was a huge part of society in the past, but with technology it is bigger than ever! The fastest, and easiest way to get music these days is via the Internet ("The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to b!tch about movies and share pronagraphy with one another. " -- Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back!).

Apple, Inc., Makers of the Mac/Apple computers are THE biggest online music seller. EVERYONE buys from Apple! When you buy Music in the Online Apple store, all the music that is downloaded is protected by an algorithm known as DRM. DRM prevents you from sharing your files. It pretty much forces people to buy music, instead of getting it from a friend, because DRM lock songs to one computer only.

This instructable will show you two methods of cracking and removing the DRM protection on itunes songs.

Step 1: The CD method - Intoduction

The easiest way is the CD method.
It works some times, but not all the time, depending on what version of iTunes you have.

<p>DRM Music Converter is my favorite tool to crack protections on iTunes music. It works fast and the quality is good: <a href="http://www.imoresoft.com/drm-media-converter.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.imoresoft.com/drm-media-converter.html</a></p>
<p>Since 2009, Apple has removed DRM protection from iTunes music. But the release of Apple Music called DRM back. Many Audio onverter in the market cannot remove DRM from Apple Music. Luckily, I found <a href="http://www.noteburner.com/itunes-drm-audio-converter-for-windows.html" rel="nofollow">NoteBurner Apple Music Converter</a> to help me. </p>
<p>The protection becomes smarter and smarter. I found it hard to crack it if you didn't get the right tool. Here is a great tutorial on how to remove drm from itunes music:<br>http://www.imoresoft.com/drm-media-converter.html</p>
<p>I also used <a href="http://www.imoresoft.com/drm-media-converter.html" rel="nofollow">iMoresoft DRM media converter</a> to remove DRM protection from my iTunes music, it works fast, easy and safe.</p>
<p>I made up my own way. Use Handbrake. Open HB, select destination to be Desktop. After Handbrake converts the AAC Protected file to M4v it will appear on your desktop, then simply manually change the file extension to m4a. Now double click to open in iTunes.</p>
<p>Using program is an easy way to remove drm protection, now there are many converters. I use Adoreshare <a href="http://www.adoreshare.com/products/m4v-converter-genius.html" rel="nofollow">M4V Video Converter</a>, this program has the free and paid versions, I purchased it but, you can try the free version, see if it can work</p>
hey yeah ive gotten this ipod off a friend who didn't want it anymore nd he left to go to america permanently and theres tons of apps nd songs nd stuff but they need authorization but i cant get it from my friend so can anyone helpo me i rly want to get them onto my computor so i dont lose them forever and have to download them again(most were payed ones) can anyone help me?
I used to pirate all my music, then I started buying. Part way through they introduced DRM. I spent months trying to find a way to remove DRM, but now I'm just pirating all my music and going to concerts instead (which is how artists make more money)
my fair tunes doesn't work it just has an error and quits!
It might only work with older versions of Itunes.
iTunes has a quality at only 128, which is VERY compressed, so the quality is already very low compared to a CD. When you do this trick the sound gets even worse. Maybe you claim that you can't hear it, but try to burn, import, then burn the imported and import that again a few times over... Or just listen to a 128 quality mp3 compared to a CD...
Digital copies are loseless....otherwise it'll be a failed copy and the disc burn/import is aborted. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I've always thought. If you put 128 bits/s in then you get that back out since the bumps on the disc represent a "digital" representation of the file. I haven't tested this since I have better things to do with my CD-R's :D
digital copies are lossless, but mp3 compression is lossy data compression.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mp3#Audio_quality">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mp3#Audio_quality</a><br/>
how about getting the protection off of a movie you bought off of itunes
Simpler ways to do this: 1. Black hole it 2. convert to WAV and back
Hi All, In a little bit of a jam here. I just bought an ipod off of ebay and the seller said there would be tons of music on there, which there was, unfortunately about half of the songs are not authorized to play on my computer. I don't know if there is any way of bypassing this so as to play the songs, even if i have to convert it to another format........ any help is greatly appreciated. Thx.
i use doubletwist (google it)
There are actually places on the internet you can buy songs for say 10 cents each. They are legal because they are in places like Russia where it is legal to sell the songs for so low a price and it is legal to buy them here in america. Also, some of them record what you buy so that if you harddrive dies you can re-download yous songs for free, so why use itunes or any american store when you can get them better and cheaper somewhere else? Also, limewire is crap, it didn't use to be, but the government now records everything you upload, so you will get caught if you download something illegal off of limewire don't use it!
Itunes does not have a re-download option. If you lose what you bought and did not back up, you get screwed.
i know its REALLY retarded my library crashed like 5 times now and every time i loose my downloaded songs
back them up
hey whats the name of the that store with $.10 songs?
you dont seriously think that that is true? there are millions of things put on limewire everyday, same with youtube. it is impossible and impractical to filter all of them.
try dc++ or microtorrent
But if the gov asks you didn't no it was accessing it so its limewires fault .
your right the goverment can track who uploads to lime wire but thay cant trace who downloads.
Im pretty sure using a DRM unlocking program is illegal... What i use and what works for nearly everything is tunebite. it creates an audio loop inside your computer so it plays the track in itunes/ zune and than records it at the same time up to 16x faster... another method is taking the cord you use to connect your speakers to your computer and plug it in your microphone port. Than play the song and have something record it. Than edit the ID3 tags...
that's illegal too. you are still circumventing the copy protection. it does not matter how you do it, be it burning to a cd, then ripping, directly decrypting it, or even recording it as it plays, it's still illegal. it's all because of the dmca. you can either buy their music, listen to it on their players, with their consent and on their schedule, or go to prison. there are no legal alternatives.
It may be illegal, but I think the way iTunes opperates may constitute larceny. I bought music legally from iTunes, but reformatted my PC to run Linux. iTunes won't run in Linux, and now I can't play files I legally posses because they are encrypted.
i agree, but strictly speaking (according to the law as i understand it) you don't own the music you download (they're just "letting" you listen to it), so it's not larceny.
The Solution: Boycott Apple. Sandisk has great players.
I already boycott Apple and Microsoft. I've been using nothing but Linux and open source for 18 months now.
I got my music working and uploaded to my iPod without iTunes. This will be the last Apple product I ever own tho.
joe57005 you make an excellent point
No it is NOT!<br/>RIAA Just had a (digital) amendment to copyright protection laws: Basically - If you legally purchase the media you are allowed to copy it for your OWN use. (Example: making a Mix CD, again for your OWN use) The digital rights amendment basically states they you are NOT allowed to remove the DRM protection from any media. Tunebite does NOT remove the protection, it RECORDS the media. That is still legal, why? (You may ask) because of ownership; once you purchase media (or anything for that matter) YOU own it. This is why you can: Sell your old CD&#8217;s, Games, Movies. But because of COPYRIGHT laws you can not redistribute them. COPING any media of ones OWN personal use is legal, otherwise your DVR&#8217;s, Tivo&#8217;s, etc would be illegal. <strong>So in short, as long as you do NOT modify/change the ORIGINAL media file and or redistribute the media, it&#8217;s legal.... </strong><br/>
What I've heard, though is that you don't own iTunes-bought music; it's still Apple's. You just get to play it on your iPod.
See:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS99549+30-Nov-2007+PRN20071130">Reuters</a><br/> <br/>Or google &quot;how is tunebite legal&quot; etc....<br/>
will that work with rented movies? how can i keep them?

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