Introduction: Crack Itunes Protected Music (remove DRM Protection)

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Music was a huge part of society in the past, but with technology it is bigger than ever! The fastest, and easiest way to get music these days is via the Internet ("The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to b!tch about movies and share pronagraphy with one another. " -- Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back!).

Apple, Inc., Makers of the Mac/Apple computers are THE biggest online music seller. EVERYONE buys from Apple! When you buy Music in the Online Apple store, all the music that is downloaded is protected by an algorithm known as DRM. DRM prevents you from sharing your files. It pretty much forces people to buy music, instead of getting it from a friend, because DRM lock songs to one computer only.

This instructable will show you two methods of cracking and removing the DRM protection on itunes songs.

Step 1: The CD Method - Intoduction

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The easiest way is the CD method.
It works some times, but not all the time, depending on what version of iTunes you have.

Step 2: The CD Method- Procedure

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1) Open Itunes
2) Get a blank CD
3) Put the songs that you want on a playlist
4) Burn the playlist
5) Import the playlist back into iTunes
6) Check to see if the DRM is gone, and if the file is now an mp3

Step 3: The Program Method - Introduction

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This is the most reliable method.
It's the program method.
What this program does is it automatically changes the songs that you select from DRM written to .mp3 files.

It's very simple and easy.

It's called myFairTunes.
The following link is where you can download it.

Step 4: The Program Method - Using the Program

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The program is very straight foward.

1) Choose the file that you'd like to convert by choosing the names on the left
2) Choose a location where you would like the files to be saved to by clicking the "..." button on the right
3) Click Start Conversion
4) Wait for it to convert all the files
5) Import the songs into iTunes!

Step 5: OMGS!

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You're done!

Enjoy sharing all the music you'd like, and never have another problem with Apple's greedy DRM lock ups!

Edit: I've been getting a lot of messages and comments about APPLE PLUS songs.
It's just another one of Apple's scams to rip us off.
Music should not be DRMed to begin with. They reason is, we ARE going to get around it.
97% of people are getting rid of DRMs because they either A) can't use the music they paid for with their mp3 player B) bought music and have the right to share it with another computer (lets say from their laptop to pc) or C) wanna promote a band to their friend

The 3% that started this DRM problem are the blackmarketers.
Funny thing is, THEY don't buy their music off They buy 1 CD for $15, Duplicate it 3000 times, and sell them for $4 each.

Apple is restricting the wrong crowd.
DRM restrictions are set for the wrong reasons.
Instead of putting DRMs on music that we want to use and share, They should put more cops in areas prone to illegal duplications of CDs and DVDs. Arrest them, take all of their merchandise, and stick them with a fine. Sooner of later, They'll stop selling because they will have the fear of being arrested.

People who are complaining about paying for music are NOT seeing the bigger picture.
WE are not the ones who need to be restricted; The blackmarketers are.
We still buy our music, (atleast most of us), and we are just fed up with the extra time and effort it takes to put music on OUR mp3 players and OUR computers.
THAT is the reason DRM is such a dumb idea, and THAT is why Apple and other companies are corrupt and just do DRMs so more people are forced to buy their music.

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