Introduction: Cracked Creepy Babies

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I was just experimenting with clay and babies clothes, but a friend found them creepy and my brother had the idea of placing them on the front of the house for halloween (and the day of the deads). So here it is, how to make some creepy babies for your house, work or even the park.

Step 1: What You'll Need

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  • baby clothes
  • clay
  • newspaper
  • a big bucket
  • a pot
  • pencil stick
  • 4 tweezers for clothes
  • cord & scissors

Step 2: How to Hang the Baby

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I used the help of the cords from the area where we hang our clothes after the washing machine. If you don't have a place like this, yo can tie up a cord under a table, from leg to leg.

  • Cut two cords of the same size.
  • Make a knot in both sides of each cord, leaving a sapce where we're going to place the tweezers.
  • Use the stick as a hanger. At the end if it gets too difficult to get the stick out of the baby clothes you can always cut it by the middle and end of trouble.

Step 3: Doing the Slip

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  • Place some clay in the bucket, try to smash it.
  • Add some water and keep smashing in order to break up the lumps.
  • If necessary add more water.
  • Continue until you obtain a consistency similar to mayonnaise, but if it's a little more liquid it's fine.

Step 4: Dip It!

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Dip the clothing into the slip, rub it with your hands so it "kind" of absorbs the slip.

Make sure that everything is covered with the slip, inside and outside, but mostly outside. Be generous.

Step 5: Give Shape With the Help of Newspaper

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Make some balls-like with the newspapes. Try to give the shape of a baby body, or if wanted give form of a deformed body.

*don't forget to place some newspaper over the hanging-stick to give shape-like shoulders

Step 6: Brush Up

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  • You'll need a thick layer of clay at first, so brush it up every 3 or 4 hours, until you consider is fine.
    • As time passes by the slip is going to get dryer, then every time that you apply another layer, you wi'll have to add more water to the slip. Also it's easier to apply the slip with the brush if it is more liquid than the mayonnaise consistency.
  • When you think that the thickness is enough, continue brushing up, but now space them more, so they can get enough time to dry and it starts cracking the latest layers. Keep on brushing over the craks too until you consider it's finished.

Step 7: To Finish...

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  • Wait until it's completely dry.
  • Apply two or three layers of water resistant glue.
  • Take the newspaper out.
  • Apply the glue on the inside on the bottom.

And it's ready! you can do several creepy babies with different kinds of clothings. Also you can place candles on the inside.


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