Step 2: Find Image

Go to your preferred search engine, and type in something like "Cracked LCD Screen" in image search. Find an image that fits the resolution of the monitor, and download it. Put it in it's on folder, free of ANY other files. Yes, that's right, a folder with just one image in it! Shocking, I know.
You could paste the picture on word and make it full over the page if the paper is as large as the screen. Very funny but my father isn't good with jokes. :(
I Did This To My Mom And She Freaked. <br>P.S. I Blamed It On My Rambunctious Chihuahua Puppy
I Did This To My Mom And She Freaked. <br>P.S. I Blamed It On My Rambunctious Chihuahua Puppy
cool i will totaly do this prank. you could also blame it on a sibling or coworker and then admit it before they get in trouble.
i tryed this on my own computer it is awesome! but what i did was copy/paste a picture from online and pasted in ms paint the pressed &quot;bitmap image&quot; and unplugged the mouse pointer it worked great!
lol not to be mean but you wrong! it works on laptops as well <br>all you do is download the cracked screen image and <br>right click ,<br>preveiw it <br>zoom in so it fits the screen<br> and hit f11 <br>IT WORKS ON ANY COMPUTER ITS AWESOME!!!<br><br>I tested on my laptop before doing it to my friends desktop IT WAS EPIC!!!!! lmfao<br>
Great Idea, this is so deliciously evil. You could get this to work with a laptop it would just be a bit more involved. Their is a way to to turn the touch pad and I believe the keyboard off. But I would suggest that you have an external mouse that you can use to restore the persons computer after the prank.<br />

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