Step 7: Screw in the Lightbulb - Complete.

21) Screw in the energy-efficient light bulb and clip on the lid of the container. The light box is now ready to use.

I used this type of bulb for several reasons.
Firstly, the original student lamp had a wattage rating of only 20W. Putting in a light bulb that exceeds this, risks the wires, switch and connections overheating and causing fire or an electrical shock.
Secondly, energy-efficient bulbs run cooler and last longer, making this much more comfortable for my fiancée to use in her lap.
<p>Brilliant, I have been wanting one of these for ages, going to show my husband and get him to make me one!!! Thank You ♪♫♪</p>
I have put one of these together but bought a battery operated tent light so no need to drill holes in the plastic for an electric cord. The light isn't great, I'm thinking a fluorescent might be best, they come battery operated as well.
Your Fiance is a lucky woman - hope it goes both ways :-)) <br>Thank you so much for your time and patience in providing this tutorial. I do have a proper light box but at least now I know what to do with it should it fail. <br>Have a happy Holiday Season.
Great simple idea, put together well. I'd suggest putting some diffusing material on the underside of the lid to spread the light more evenly and save your wife's eyes from too much direct bright light.
My wife uses this to trace a pattern from paper (on the bottom) to cloth on the top. So a diffuser might be a good idea, but I'm worried about decreasing the penetrating ability of the light.
nice work done.....what is the ideal size of a box for this job....for example to fit also something small and something big like to make a full image on T-shirts<br>
Sorry for the slow reply. <br> <br>I wanted something that my wife could hold on her lap comfortably and safely - the big issue for me was that it have thick plastic walls and a nice, rigid lid. <br> <br>We have an A4 (similar size to foolscap) printer, so there wasn't much point in going much larger than that. (An A4 page has about 1-2 cm clearance on both sides). <br> <br>For a full T-shirt image, you'd probably want a light desk, rather than a light box. I've seen ones at my place of work (a high school), where someone cut a hole in a cheap ikea-type cupboard, fitted a piece of glass or Perspex over the hole, and fitted some lights into the top drawer.
Nice Instructable. I made my kids one from and old scanner. All I had to do was add two small fluorescent tubes on the sides. The scanner glass is strong enough and the unit is slim and sturdy...<br><br>DD

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