Picture of Craft Technology Lab, CU Boulder
Welcome to our photographic tour through the Craft Technology Lab at CU Boulder.  The Craft Tech Lab is part of the computer science department, and is run by faculty Mike and Ann Eisenberg, with doctoral students Yingdan Huang, Jane Meyers, and Ben Leduc-Mills.

Step 1: MakerBot

Picture of MakerBot
In the Craft Tech Lab, we work and play in the intersection between computation and real-world crafts. 

Just inside the front door is our MakerBot, with some test output.
dansarco3 years ago
CGA color code for nitrogen is blue, I think. Oxygen is green.
1lenore4 years ago
Brings back Boulder memories--it's been years since I visited the Craft Technology Lab, but clearly it is still just as exuberant. Thanks for sharing your space!

Also, +1 on basswood as a laser material. Cuts like butter.
i just need to say...


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