This glow-in-the-dark-eyed, handmade dragonfly is my most recent creation. It was not an overly difficult project but it made for an unusual and interesting gift. I thought it might be a fun project to share as it was quite satisfying to work on.

If you are looking for a project in a similar style, but with a smaller time and parts commitment, check out my firefly Instructable.

Other than that, have fun building, gifting, enjoying or whatever else you do with a arts and crafts dragonfly.

Note - this Instructable was compiled post-completion and gifting of this dragonfly, so the pictures are largely what I had record of and rebuilt on a quick example run.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Time Commitment: 
For me, this project took approximately 10 hours of work - the lion's share on the wing detailing. With instructions and deft fingers - or  a simpler product - it could very well take a few less.

-3/4" Dowel
-3/8" Dowel - Not necessary, but a great timesaver, especially if you are hand sanding.
-Copper Scraps (or sheet) - Can be a different metal or can be omitted along with the chisel.
-10 1/2" (or Less) Brass Nails - I found a 50 pack at an ACE Hardware.
-2 4-8mm Glass Beads - I used a string of 10 8mm glow-in-the-dark Czech Fire Beads similar to these found on Ebay for around 4 dollars with shipping.
-Thick Copper Wire (~14-16 AWG)
-Thin Copper Wire (~26-30 AWG)
-Duco cement or other wood to metal & glass glue
-4 1/2" long x 1/4" diameter springs (can be cut from a longer spring) - found mine at Home Depot

-Sandpaper or Table Sander - If you have access to it, a table sander will speed the process up greatly.
-Box Cutter or X-Acto Knife
-Chisel (1/4" ideally) - I like to use this in conjunction with a mallet, some people do not. Choose as you will. This can be omitted if you are not adding a decorative metal back.
-Drill - A standard drill index will have bits small enough for this scale. I used a 1/16" bit for most of the drilling.
-Saw - A Dremmel tool is pretty good for this scale, a handsaw will work as well. A chopsaw can work, but only if you're not overly fond of the amount of fingers you currently possess.
this looks awesome but as im a wannabe blacksmith im gonna attempt a similar thing but in metal and see how it turns out :D
That sounds very cool - when you finish, I'd love to see a photo link!
This would be a great gift. A few gears and sprockets and this could be steampunk....which it already looks btw. :) <br>I am off to check out your firefly....bye.
Haha, thank you! I do love my Steampunk. Its why I happen to have copper wire and sheet hanging around for this type of thing.
...did i mention that this looks awesome? Nice job Manick!!
Absolutely gorgeous. Great photos, too! :D

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