Step 2: Assemble Hardware

If you're into kitchen gadgets making bento boxes can be a very fulfilling past time. There are tons of super cute accessories with which to decorate your lunches. Many of these items can be found online (check the last step for links!). If you're lucky enough to have a large Asian market in your town you'll probably be able to find everything you need right there. However, if you don't have one nearby don't fret. We'll talk about options using readily available items you probably already have in your kitchen.

The first thing you need is a bento box. This will influence your portions, your shapes, and even what types of food you use. There are several types. Cute shapes like the bullet train and Pandapple boxes are most popular for kids. Tiered boxes, like the shamrock bento, are more often used for adult lunches. Lock & Lock boxes are fantastic for two reasons. One, they come with individual removable dividers. And two, they lock completely air tight. I've recently started seeing Fit & Fresh brand in stores. The orange one pictured below has a separate ice ring you can freeze as well as a folding spoon. If you want to get started right away and don't have any of these types of boxes there you can also use a standard container. The actual shape of your box will have a lot to do with the final design of your box but we'll talk about that in the design step.

Cupcake forms and dividers are very handy when keeping flavors from mingling. Mini forms fit well in bentos. There are also silicone forms out now that are great if you have something really wet or messy (like spaghetti). The most common divider is the green plastic grass but there are lots of other specialty designs.

Regular shrimp forks are small in size, easy to find in stores, and fit in many boxes. Many colors, shapes, and sizes of specialty forks designed especially for bento boxes are available. Skewers or toothpicks can be cut to size and decorated should you be so inclined. A nice pair of chopsticks will round off your bento set. I like the ones that come with a matching box.

Many of the fancy patterns you see in bentos are made with some form of cutter. A cutter can be a cookie cutter, craft punch, or craft blade. I think I use my craft blade more than any other bento tool! Cutters are especially handy for cutting nori (seaweed/sushi paper), vegetables, or sliced tofu/meat. Who doesn't want little carrot stars on their salad?

Probably one of the more difficult specialty items to substitute for is a sauce bottle. Barring proper bottling, you can also put sauce into a ziplock bag (towards one corner) and secure the sauce with a rubber band. This would be something like a pastry frosting bag only very small. At lunch you can clip the tip off and squeeze the sauce out. I have also folded tinfoil into a little cup shape. If you go that route just be sure you use it for a thicker substance (like peanut butter) rather than something liquidy (like soy sauce) as it will probably leak.

Once you have your supplies together you're ready for some serious bento making!
Here's my bento. I made some really ugly salmon onigiri, hardboiled some eggs, and put in some snap peas. I didn't have a cupcake form, so I cut up a coffee filter.
This is how I made a more Americanized bento! Small sandwiches with veggies and fruit, cheese to fill in spaces. I did this in about ten minutes! It is kind of sloppy though. This article is very helpful but bento should NOT have raw fish or raw meat in it as it will not be refrigerated in most cases and those will spoil the quickest! It can make you sick! Sushi is not really meant to be in bento as sushi on its own is an art and is meant to be eaten as fresh as possible! Also it is important to remember that bento should always have very little to no spaces in between the foods so as to not shift around in the container when it's moved.
Love the little wasabi face
Awesome!! Loving your Bento's.....
Loving the little bottles filled with oil and balsamic for the salad...
Wow, you are super creative. That look so amazing. Love this for a kid's lunch box!!
Wow. Cool.
good idea.
where can u get the bento boxes?? thx :)
Does anyone know where I might buy ALUMINUM Bento Boxes? I remember seeing them in a camping catalog of a company that might have closed. They would be useful for small parts and survival kits.
survival bento :D
You might try Ebay for a Mr. Bento. They tend to be metal and very roomy.
ebay, online stores, specialty food stores, etc.
Or, make one:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Bento-Lunch-Box/<br>
http://www.happyjapan.com They also carry a lot of bento supplies too, like cutters, molds, and shapers. :)
i'm totally in love
In the last photo what is that round thing on your knife? And i love the idea of tempura'd stuff in sushi, I must try it.
Awesome instructable! I had never heard of bentos before, but now I totally want to try making one!
ive always wanted to do that. definantly putting a bento box on my christmas list. :)
also, you can get a dumpling mold/press at some grocery stores. it makes the gyoza come out with folded edges like in the picture.
Do you have a replacement for cheese? I'm lactose intolerant. D:
Nevermind.<br><br>That ginger looks A LOT like cheese.
Just as a little note- when the author says &quot;Sushi should be made with a little more wasabi than usual&quot;, it's not for taste- wasabi actually helps prevent the growth of bacteria, as does a few other pickled vegetables. :)
Lol, I got this sushi kit thingee, and it makes sushi making, like. 5 times faster.<br /> CON, it only makes squares, rectangles, triangles, hearts, and a huge circle. But no bento sized circle... :(<br />
Circles can be cut with other things other than cookie cutters or sushi kit thingees. Try small juice cans.
I'm very curious about 'naturally purple potatoes' in the last picture of the intro step. Perhaps I'm the only one, but I've never seen such things before. Where does one purchase these, and is that their actual name? xD Thanks for the short Onigiri tutorial - I think I will definitely make some of these with some nice seafood filling. Should be delicious. : )
They are available in the grocery stores and farmer's markets, though not on a regular basis like normal whiteflesh potatoes. I just came from a farmer's market today 9 July, where there were purple potatoes. The only reason I didn't buy any was that I didn't have much money. They are a dull purple on the outside, and bright purple (Like cabbage) inside. When cooked, they retain their purple color, though not as brilliant.
I am not really sure how to do this, but I am going to try and post a picture I took earlier today of a purple potato.
I have these growing in my garden! I am excited. I havent tried them before. Do they taste the same as normal potatoes?
Like I said before, they taste just about the same as normal white potatoes. The only problem with them is that they tend to be a little on the small side, and therefore more prone to exploding if overcooked. Bunching several together, and wrapping the collection in tinfoil will discourage them from popping like popcorn. Just remember, they are related to the nightshade family just like tomatoes are, so just the tubers are edible.
The one on the left is about five inches (12.7cm) long. They tend to be a little on the small side, and because of that, can explode if overbaked without tinfoil. Otherwise, they do tend to taste just about the same as a normal whiteflesh potato.
It turns out they are high in Antioxidants.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.foodproductdesign.com/news/2006/05/purple-potato-boasts-high-anthocyanin-levels.aspx">http://www.foodproductdesign.com/news/2006/05/purple-potato-boasts-high-anthocyanin-levels.aspx</a><br/>
Here is some more pictures of purple potatoes, including one taken just after removing them from the oven. The purple is not as intense as it is in the raw potato, but you can still see it.
Very lovely! Made me super hungry lol!
This insctucatble in increadible!! ^_^ oh and I wanted to know if there is any thing that would go perfectly with a tofu filling for an onigiri?
Incredible instructable! I've visited Narita three times before, beautiful place. I was inspired by many things in Japan, as well, and am glad to see someone bringing the bento box to us in such authentic fashion. Way to go!
ive always seen these on anime, they look really delicious.<br />
Lol... that's where I've always seen'em, but I never thought of making one until now... and yeah, they DO always look delicious. :)
&nbsp;A lot better than a simple, boring sandwich..
Design tip for onigiri: If you're having more than one onigiri in your bento box, put some furikake on one of them, leave the other one blank. COLORFUL!!! :3<br />
Nice 'tables... but step 6&nbsp; (<span class="stepTitle">Stuff to put in your bento</span>) is not called &quot;sushi&quot; but &quot;maki&quot;, sushi is only rice with the fish (or whatever you wan't to put on it) with no seewead.
That looks really yummy =].<br />
How long would it take to make one if it was your first one? These look really fun to make!
I think I love you. You are my bento hero. Your talent is out of this world. The explanation of the sushi roll alone just blows my mind. You posted a seriously outstanding instructable, here. THANK YOU! Domo arigato!
oh and also wer can u get the mini cupcake things
I sell both in my Etsy shop!<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.clamoring.etsy.com">clamoring.etsy.com</a><br/>
Quite well done ! I am thoroughly impressed. I have only recently started to become even more adventurous with foods than I normally was (which was almost non-exclusive already) and tried Sushi and then ventured further with a meal of Sashimi and found myself in gastronomical heaven :-) I have a question about two mentioned ingredients in your ible: The first - Tonkatsu: is that very high in sodium content (I have high blood pressure and need to avoid sodium salts)? More than say, 150 mg per serving size would be high. The second, same question, but for the Furikake.

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