Step 5: Finished Product

Here are some examples of the different things I have covered in resin. I love working with vintage laces, homemade stickers of old Victorian calling cards and organic materials such as handmade paper, rocks and spices.

The majority of the pieces have polymer clay as the base as I find the resin brings out the beauty of the clay, however, I also have some wood bases and the earring necklace set was created using a mold along with some old spices.

For more examples of my work you can visit my Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ForgetmenotsCreation
I have a question pls. I notice the resin went over the edges of the piece. you did not explain the trimming or cleaning off of those edges. yours are so beautiful. how did you get the perfect rounded edge? also how did you finish off the back side? I love your work.
<p>I imagine she used a micro rotary tool, maybe a high grit sanding paper, or even a heated piece of metal (beware of toxic fumes if you heat it)</p>
is it possible to ad color to the resin? powdered or liquid color and mix it with the resin to get colored resin?

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