Craftsman Holiday Project Guide

Working on some holiday decorations and gifts for your loved ones? Craftsman offers an amazing range of quality tools that allow you make anything you can imagine. Here are some great Instructables, sponsored by Craftsman, to help make your holidays merry and bright!

If you're planning on making something with a Craftsman tool, or you already have, then be sure to join the Craftsman Club group and enter your Instructable in the Craftsman Workshop of the Future contest for the chance to win a $20,000 Sears gift card!

How to make a nice wooden sword style
Why buy your kids a cheap, soon to break toy when you can make them a great hardwood sword that will be durable, fun to play with, and even look good? This should not be considered the only way to ma...
Sparkleball (no-melt) for the Holidays! style
A sparkleball is a magical ornament handmade from plastic cups and mini-lights; usually displayed at Christmas or holiday time. You'll need 50 soft 9 oz. tumbler-style plastic cups, a hole-puncher, a ...
How-To: Build a Holiday Reindeer and Sleigh For $15 style
Many of the suggested holiday wood projects we see on project sites take on a Julia Childs approach to design - you know, using materials you don't have, tools you can't afford, and plans you couldn't...
Wooden faced wristwatch style
I have a thing for watches, and nicely figured wood, sadly I've only been able to find a couple of wood based watches. It sounded like a lovely weekend project to fab up a new face for a regular watch...
Pneumatic Snowball Cannon style
New England just got it's first snow, now to make use of it. I know a lot of people make Potato guns, which are pretty much the same, but I find shooting food pretty pointless. Snowballs are funner, a...
Creating, cutting and printing your own woodblock style
Here's the basic process for buying tools, cutting a woodblock, inking and then printing with it. I've actually been trying to find a way into printing for a while, but don't have any access locally t...
How to save 11,644.07 on a designer lighting fixture! style
My wife and I posted almost exactly a year ago a request for ideas on how we could recreate the chandler pictured. We got mostly comments on how amazed people were that a light could cost almost 12K! ...
How to make a piano keyboard style
In part 4 of "How to Make a Pianoforte" W. H. Davies instructs the amateur piano maker "to provide {themself} with a set of 16in. keys to match the size of key-bottom; they may be bought at from 38s....
Glass Block Christmas Decoration style
I received one of these as a gift last year, and figured how hard would it be to make one. It was not as easy as I thought but just about anyone can make it with a little caution and safety measures....
Wooden Christmas tree with colour-changing lights style
Here's how we constructed a wooden Christmas tree decoration with colour-changing LED lights.
CCCP (Christmas Color Change Ping-pong) lights style
Here is an idea for a nice string of Christmas lights.It is made by bright ping pong balls slowly changing their color through the sequence RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, CYAN, PURPLE, WHITE and again ......
Belt Sander Stand style
Make a stand for your belt sander and free a hand!My wonderful wife bought me a boatload of Sears Craftsman power tools a few years ago. One of the tools in the treasure chest was a belt sander. Howev...
Build a Toy Train to Fight for What's Right  style
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In a pure technical documenation style, starkly simple, I hope to reflect: (1) How the construction of personal and personalized toys helps fight the vast commercial/industrial com...
Advent Calendar style
I've been looking around for an Advent Calendar for my kids, but couldn't find one that really suited my tastes and price. There are some very nice ones out there, but all too expensive in my opinion...
Coffee table upgrade! style
Summary: Extra storage and a top that raises up to meet you - and your needs!What's the job of a coffee table these days?Rest your drinks on?A stable surface for the odd TV dinner?Rest your feet on?Ho...
Color-changing shadowbox light style
After the holidays, we ended up with an overage of unused shadowbox frames from Ikea. So, I decided to make a birthday present for my brother out of one of them. The idea was to make a battery-power...
Building Mandolin No. 002 style
This project is a sequel to my first mandolin project, Building Mandolin No. 001. Like my first mandolin, the design is fairly untraditional. For one, it only has four strings compared with a mando...