Craftsman Molding Head Tune-up





Introduction: Craftsman Molding Head Tune-up

These things are everywhere but so very many sit on the shelf because of the piss-poor job they do cutting.  It has been my experience that most of the time that is simply from a rough factory grind or years of use.  In this instructable I talk about how I sharpen my blades to take a rough and ready tool to a silky molding beast.



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Questions & Answers


Great Instructable! I especially liked the "Don't let your mother hear you say that." It's too bad that these tools aren't shipped ready to use. Do you use finger boards when you cut with these?

That is the nature of many edged tools. You have to hone them yourself.

I do for anything but a simple cut or with long boards. They tend to get chattery and that will ruin the crispness of the cut. Most all the time I will use a finger board to hold them against the fence. When doing trim I will also use one to hold them down. It helps to have a helper then to pull the trim the rest of the way though the saw.