Crafty Mii: Create a Shoebox Storage Kit for Your Wii!

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I loved my Wii, but I could not transport the large box the Wii came in all across the country when I went to college. I can't sew, so I could not put together a carrying bag. So, I have made a simple shoebox kit that stores the Wii console. You can make as many as you like to also store accessories.

A Wii needs protection from dust and accidental damage while it is not in use.  These steps require no special ability or level of skill. The average completion time is 1 hour and 10 minutes, which includes the 45 minutes it took for the fabric glue to dry (it takes a whole day to become permanently stuck).  Make a Wii Shoebox Storage Kit that reflects your video game personality!

  (Being a Sonic the Hedgehog fan not required)

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
Time to find your inner mii!

The required supplies are:

-shoebox that is large enough to hold an 8 X 6 X 1.5" Wii
-fabric glue
-fabric scissors
-spare cardboard
-stapler and staples

Supplies that add decoration are:

-colored or patterned paper
-T-shirt with a picture of your favorite video game character

Note: The fabric scissors are rather sharp, so young children should not handle them.

Step 2: Measure Cardboard and Cut

Picture of Measure Cardboard and Cut
Make mii durable!

2A. Measure the dimensions of your shoebox with a ruler. 

2B. Measure how much space a Wii that is approximately 8 X 6X 1.5" will take up in your shoebox.

2C.Take the cardboard scraps and measure the length of the rectangular scraps so that they can partition the box into a section that will hold the Wii. 

Note: Cardboard that can stand up 1.5" or slightly taller is ideal because that is how high the side of the Wii will be when laying down horizontally.
mommyboss4 years ago
Very detailed, well thought out instructions. It could even be adapted for a larger box so there would be space to travel with more games. Definitely a creative way to express yourself. If I did this, I would know right away that this box has my fragile wii inside and I could be extra careful with it. Anybody helping me move would be able to recognize it immediately by my telling them a simple description and they would be able to make sure they get it placed in a safe spot in the car, not buried under a bunch of stuff that could damage it.
wiininja (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for your compliments!
Mrs. P4 years ago
Thanks for the easy to follow instructions and creative use of old fabric!
I like how the Wii will not be sliding around the box due to the use of the fabric. It makes a fun and creative way to take a Wii to a friends house!
freebird24 years ago
This is a much unique way to store my wii than I using before.
freebird24 years ago
The padding of the dead space is a great idea. It should help the Wii gaming console.
I like the creativity and the use of color on the box and how you represent each character.
Nice Sonic theme