Crafty Reversed Minnow - Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial





Introduction: Crafty Reversed Minnow - Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial

These are basically a craft fur glass minnow tied in reverse, then the fibers are pulled backwards to create a spine along the back of the fly. This raises the materials up a bit and helps keep the body fatter, while leaving the tail thin and flowing. This is a great fly for a number of fish. Tie it on a larger hook for large saltwater fish and freshwater pike, tie it on a smaller hook for trout and panfish. This size is great for freshwater bass, and many inshore saltwater species.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 2
Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed - chartreuse
Fiber: Extra select craft fur - chartreuse and white
Flash: Crystal flash - red & chartreuse
Eyes: 3D 4MM eyes
Eye Adhesive: Fletch Tite
Head Building: Solarez UV resin - "thin" formula
Head Finish: Solarez UV resin - "Bone Dry" formula



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    Beautiful work! I haven't been fishing in such a long time, seeing this is really putting me in the mood haha.

    I always advocate for fishing! Do it! LOL Thanks, glad you liked it! :)