Step 4: Add Chopped Ingredients

Using a food processor, blender, or cutting board and knife, chop up the white baking chips, dried cranberries and almonds to your desired consistency. Because of their different textures, chop them individually.

Add all the chopped ingredients to the dough and stir them in.

Scrape the dough down into the bottom of the bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This makes it much easier to handle for the next step.
I made this recipe exactly how you wrote it and it is delicious. I made it to pass out for gifts, but found myself eating so much of it, I am going to have to make another batch!<br><br>At the end of baking, I prefer it a little on the crunchy side for dipping so I baked mine for 12 minutes, rather than the softer version.<br><br>Thanks for sharing this awsome recipe!
These look great! But I have a question. If I intend to make these like the hard, crunchy Italian type, how can I adapt the recipe?
The only change is on the second baking: bake them for 15 minutes instead of 5 to get a traditional, crunchy biscotti.

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