Picture of Cranberry Apple Crisp
Our default autumn dessert is just about the best thing ever, and dead easy.

Step 1: Assemble fruit

Picture of Assemble fruit
Fill a 9x13 pan with the following:

1 bag cranberries, rinsed and picked over
apples, chopped, enough to fill the pan
ginger, grated
2T sugar
pinch of salt
1 lemon, juiced
spices of your choice (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, etc.)

Mix fruit and seasonings together and dump into the baking pan.
CamoBedding3 years ago
I am getting hungry just reading this.
clunymph4 years ago
i looked this up as i've enjoyed your fruit crisps. anyway, a pastry blender & fingers worked just fine for this. fast & good!
cali_mrtnz6 years ago
mmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking of making this. perfect for Thanksgiving dessert. :D recipes are fine and dandy in my book
morCadillac7 years ago
Hmmm...yummmyyyy! I bet there's not much left for breakfast ;) I love apple-cinnamon combinations and I LOOOOOVE crumbles! Wondering if it would work with cranberries from a jar.. (preserved fruits in a jar) Otherwise perhaps with raisins? But I wouldn't really want to change the basic recipe. Loves, Eda
canida (author)  morCadillac7 years ago
Dried cranberries are usually sweetened, so you'd need to compensate by adding more lemon juice and less sugar. Likewise, raisins are pretty sweet on their own. I like the pop of sour flavor fresh cranberries give; rhubarb gives a similar flavor, but cooks down into mush. We swap other fruits in and out of the mix, depending on what's at hand. Definitely try them out and share your favorites!
Although if you dry your own cranberries, then you wouldn't have to worry about the extra sugar problem
Shifrin7 years ago
Second Please! : )
butcher998 years ago
The difference with these recipes is that they are for the most part recipes that can be whipped up by none gourmet cooks. A little to simple for me, not that I am a gourmet cook, but I would say they basically follow the instructable theme. Now, I have a recipe for brined pork that takes 2 days and 2 lists of ingredients. I would never consider posting it here because it just does not fit. However, my recipe for food processor chocolate mousse might. jim
still waiting for that chocolate mousse instructable... ;)
This is my second year making this, I just love this recipe. You did a really good job on it. :)
whitish7 years ago
wouldn't it be better if you skinned the apples first? or does the skin just kind of blend in ounce you have cooked it.
canida (author)  whitish7 years ago
If your apples have thick and/or bitter skin then certainly peel them- mine had thin, tasty skins so they do just sort of mush with the rest of it. I'm lazy, so if I can avoid peeling so much the better.
tyeo0988 years ago
Please no more recipies!!! Last time I checked this wasn't a cookbook... Unless its like, how to make ice cream using a blender made from a frog, toilet, and hamster cage. Please!
if you want, i'll post something INVOLVING a frog, toilet and hamster cage
That sounds like an interesting recipe! P.S. There aren't enough recipes at instructables :-)
canida (author)  Vendigroth8 years ago
*grin* We're waiting...
Actually, I only browse here for the recipes. I'd love to see more of candida's contributions, and less of these geeky assed "How to create a self replicating/flagellating solenoid from a Bicycle reflector, 9 volt battery, ribbon cable, soldering gun, and a .8mm microprocessor from an Apple IIa" crap. It's called Instructables, not "Allow me to flex my ability to perform some task that would get a high schooler beaten up".
westfw tyeo0988 years ago
One of the groups IS a cookbook project, in fact. And there's a thanksgiving contest on as well... Feel free to submit other projects that will lower ther percentage of cooking projects. But right now I think the cooking projects are amoung the more interesting ones posted...
My mother makes a variant of this...it has bananas in it. SOoooooOoOo tasty!
canida (author)  nightmaresyndrome8 years ago
Really? Yum. I've never had a banana-based crisp; what else is in it?
uhhm...lets see, in my house its called "banana cranberry crumble casserole" lol

Lets see though, I'll have to recall from memory at the moment (later on I'll hector me mum for the recipe for you =D):

Its got cranberries, nanners, pears, orange juice, a bit of lemon juice, the topping is more or less seemingly the same save the nuts.
canida (author)  nightmaresyndrome8 years ago
That sounds great- I'm eagerly awaiting the details. Making an Instructable sounds like a fine excuse for good fruity dessert.
got to agree with the bit about crumbles and stuff for breakfast. nicely done
Punkguyta8 years ago
Looks delicious, thanks for the instructable!
Phill8 years ago
Oh My! Canida, you keep out doing yourself with all your lovely recipe instructables! These all look SO delicious. I wish you were my relative! =)

>What is with the Ginger usage in your house? Everything seems to have Ginger in it =P
canida (author)  Phill8 years ago
Thank you! I'm glad you like them. Ginger is great, but we probably use even more garlic; at least 1/2 pound per week. We just like food with flavor! (Actually, you caught me- my user account is simply a front for the Ginger and Garlic Growers of America.)
Phill canida8 years ago
Hah! I new it, you and ewilhelm are really evil corporate farmers here to destroy us with knowledge and taxidermy!
I just finished making this and it is awsome I recomend baking for a half an hour and ading 1 fourth cup of sugar great idea my family loved it.
canida (author)  icantcount1248 years ago
Great, I'm glad you liked it! The sugar should vary according to the type of apples you use; their sweetness and water content can be quite different.
Elastometer8 years ago
WOW! Looks scrummy!! I agree with westfw - The site isn't just about technology or narrowed to a particular subject. As far as I'm concerned - the more diverse the better.
I'll second that agreement. More recipes. More everything!
this is an awsome recipe good job
Crash21088 years ago
Needs more sugar and butter before I would eat it.
canida (author)  Crash21088 years ago
I'll put up a Snickerdoodle recipe here shortly- they're almost entirely sugar and butter, so you should get along nicely.