Step 7: The Finished Product

All you need to do now is make a good cup of coffee and settle in to eat.

Being twice baked, biscotti are a long lasting biscuit. Kept in an air tight container they will last for a good few months, which makes them a great gift to bake in advance or send overseas.

Wrap a few up in cellophane or baking paper, tie the parcel with some pretty ribbon and give them a hand written tag as a gorgeous christmas/new year/holiday/thank you/just thinking of you present sure to pep up someone's day.
I added some milk to smoother it out.
Came out with a crumbly dough. Don't know what went wrong.
I made some awesome biscotti with this recipe,<br/>I highly recommend that you try it. One thing to note is that the tray should be placed higher in the oven when baking.<br/>...... The biscotti bandit approves.......<br/>
This looks amazing! I love anything with orange and cardamom.

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