Cranberry Relish Recipe

Picture of Cranberry Relish Recipe
A healthy holiday staple to replace that scary canned stuff. This is a variant of basic cranberry relish.
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Step 1: Chop cranberries

Picture of Chop cranberries
Wash and pick over a bag of fresh or frozen cranberries, then pulse them in the food processor until they're all properly chopped. You don't want complete mush, so stop when all the big chunks are gone.

Step 2: Puree other ingredients

Picture of Puree other ingredients
You'll need:

1-2 oranges, seeded and quartered
1 lemon, seeded and quartered
1 lime, seeded and quartered
2-4 stalks celery, chunked to fit
handful mint leaves, optional

Chop ingredients in the food processor, batch-processing as necessary to ensure everything is properly pureed. You don't want big chunks of lime peel in your relish, so make sure the contents are more towards the mush stage than the cranberries were.

Dump into a large bowl with your cranberries.

Step 3: Season and serve

Picture of Season and serve
Stir your fresh ingredients together, then add seasonings.

~1c sugar or to taste (white or brown)
~1t salt
~1/2t allspice
ground dry spices of your choice (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc)

The sugar can be adjusted again later depending on the flavor you prefer, so start light. The amount will vary depending on the tartness of the berries, lemon, and lime you use as well as the sweetness of the oranges. Always taste and check.

Refrigerate until ready to serve, preferably overnight to allow the flavors to mingle and the mixture to drop a bit of liquid. Stir and adjust seasonings, then transfer the relish to your favorite serving bowl.

This makes extremely good leftovers, particularly on turkey sandwiches. It should keep for about a week in the refrigerator, and can be frozen and thawed successfully.