Step 5: Cool and Refrigerate the Sauce

Once the cranberry sauce has cooked for 30 minutes and the water has cooked off, it's time to cool it down and then place it into the fridge to set up. You can serve the cranberry sauce once it's been cooled in the fridge for about an hour, or you can make the whole dish ahead of time and serve it when you like.
Raisins and cinnamon are excellent additions also. :)<br />
&nbsp;Good recipe- I use a whole orange or tangerine chopped very small (and the seeds removed) including the skin, instead of juice and lemon zest... then I add cinnamon and ground clove. &nbsp;It's so good you eat it while it's still warm and hope you leave enough for the table :)
Love the ginger idea. QueenRocks191-turkey without cranberry is just not worth eating for many people in North America. Are you from a country that doesn't do that? I'm wondering if it's just a North America thing?
Another ingredient I love adding to my cranberry sauce is a bit of zested ginger. It really meshes well with the tanginess of fresh cranberry sauce. :)
does cranberry sauce taste good????
very nice

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