Picture of Crank Flashlight Charger
Learn how to turn a crank flashlight into your own personal charger!

Step 1: Take apart your crank flashlight

Picture of Take apart your crank flashlight
Remove all screws and separate the two pieces of plastic, covering the flashlight. 
ElizabethB38 months ago

This is dangerous and likely to damage your phone battery as there is no voltage regulator and spikes from rapid winding could ruin your phone

As dan2525 said, you need at least a zener diode AND a resistor in a small circuit to prevent damage.

Just buy a crank flashlight with the USB port already built in. It saves hours of work and is read to go, and you also have a working rechargeable flashlight

dan25252 years ago
U could buy a Zener diode to Attach to blue wires so u don't worry about messin up your phonr