Back when hunting was the only available way to catch food, many near lakes and rivers turned to fishing to survive. Obviously, whatever caught more fish was better. As humans evolved, we no longer relied on fishing for food, and instead it became a sport. But one thing still holds true; a lure that catches more fish is indeed superior.

Step 1: Part 1: What Is a Hard Bodied Crank Bait?

In general, a crank bait is a fishing lure made out of wood or plastic, and as it is pulled through the water, it swims and mimics a wounded fish. Larger predatory fish see it as an easy target, and bite. The action is generally imparted on the lure by either a lip affixed to the lure, the angler, or a combination of both. It may be painted any color, generally to “match the hatch”, as they say, or to mimic the colors of real fish in that lake.
Crank baits can be either surface lures, or diving lures. Diving lures have a large lip that propels them down to the desired depth. Sometimes, this can be the only way to get a strike. Other times, surface lures,which have no lips and are generally a very exciting way to fish may work better.
Hard bodied crank baits have been proven effective by the test of time. They have accounted for plenty of world records.

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