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Introduction: Crawlerbot 2000

Check out my cool new toy guys,
I (a high school student) created this magnificent monster from scratch; all parts were designed and created specifically for this project

At first I designed 3d models and created blueprints of the chassis and the track system. Soon I created a die for the gears and track chain. After each piece was put together, I ran into a problem with the driving mechanism; the flange broke. Nevertheless, I enhanced my designs and fixed the major issues. 

The features of my robot include:
Two windshield wiper motors (powered by a 12v 5ah SLA battery) driving two gears as a support bar causes the back gears to follow the rotation
a wireless spy camera in the front --- footage viewed on TV with its transmitter
a distance sensor in the front
a buzzer on the back (I don't know why?)
lights for cosmetics
Two servo switches (operating the motion of the motors) that are controlled with a futaba (6 channel) RC receiver.
The distance sensor and the buzzer are operated with a EZ-Robot Bluetooth controller --- I have often used this instead of the RC controller --- I can control more things and can use a PC gaming joystick (connected to my laptop) to operate it.

Here is the link to download all of my 3d models

Please feel free to explore with my designs and provide any tips --- if you wish to recreate my project, check out my step by step version of this (there is also another picture version of this). Please check out and vote for my THREE posts for all the contests I have entered (vote button on the top right corner should help see all the contests I have entered). Any major prizes will be used in the future by engineers in the making (tech students at my school).

Every vote counts, please share this thread with others

p.s. sorry for creating two picture threads; the site is currently facing embedding issues (couldn't create a video version)



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very good so far. some ideas: tone down your gears a bit, they're a little deep. and make your links smaller. that should help with your jamming