Introduction: Crayandle

Step 1: Supplies

3 unused or slightly used crayons Cotton string Tape Scissors Wire

Step 2: Crayons

Lay three crayons side by side, and measure string to fit the three crayons.

Step 3: String

Cut string to desired length (preferably small).

Step 4: Tape

Break off a piece of tape, lay sticky side up, and put two crayons on it so they both stick.

Step 5: String

Place the length of the string on the two taped crayons so that it is inside of the middle of the crayons.

Step 6: Third Crayon

Carefully place the third crayon on top of the two others and the strings so that it rests on the other two.

Step 7: Tape

Slowly wrap the tape around all three crayons and be careful not to move them.

Step 8: Wire

Select a desired length of wire (6 inches)

Step 9: Wrap

Slowly wrap the wire tightly around the three crayons so that they are held together at the top.

Step 10: Wrap

Now do the same thing down by the tape.

Step 11: Remove Tape

Slowly remove the tape and adjust the wires so that the top is near the half mark and the top of the crayons, and move the bottom wire so that it is close to the bottom of the crayons.

Step 12: Trim String

Trim the string so it is close to the tips of the crayons.

Step 13: Light

Light the string and make sure that it stays lit for a few seconds, in a survival situation, this can burn for around 1 hour.

Step 14: After

You can light these in the dark and produce quite a bit of heat.

Step 15: Extra

You could also burn a single crayons at the paper that will last for 30 minutes.


vladivastok made it!(author)2014-12-27


thehbird made it!(author)2013-12-30

Wow a new use for worn down crayons in ugly colors

arshswag made it!(author)2013-08-01

this is from a you-tuber named CrazyRussianHacker

bpfrocket made it!(author)2013-07-10

The things some of you wacky people come up with.
If simplicity is perfection then this is perfect. I may have to go through my son's old crayon box and go camping.

GumbasJackknob made it!(author)2013-06-18

Straight off of iFunny

Basement_Craftsman made it!(author)2013-06-28

i saw it there too...but don't be so certain. I have lit crayons like that before i saw it there. I first tried using a string wick, but soon realized it wasn't needed

okiegirl813 made it!(author)2013-06-20

Very cute!! What an awesome idea, especially for a kids party!! To COOL!!

kwarren+sr. made it!(author)2013-06-19

That's really cool

Mikeman4290 made it!(author)2013-06-19

You could but the tape would burn, if you use the wire that u can push it down as it burns and use it again when it is done

gracemihm made it!(author)2013-06-19


gracemihm made it!(author)2013-06-19

Hey can you tape the top?

fcc323 made it!(author)2013-06-19

This wouldn't last very long...

AbbieX made it!(author)2013-06-19

Most companies pride themselves on using "Non-Toxic" products to produce crayons. Check the box, but I think that is pretty much all of them...

Mikeman4290 made it!(author)2013-06-18

No, the flame stays inside the three and slowly burn the paper and won't move down until the wax is burned

ironsmiter made it!(author)2013-06-18

with the three crayon candle, does the paper eventually catch all around and make a big flaming torch(triple sized single crayon candle)? or does it stay lit candle-like?

Mikeman4290 made it!(author)2013-06-18

Just smells like crayon the whole time but its not that powerful that u won't be able to stand it.

mh76dk made it!(author)2013-06-17

I wonder if this could produce unhealthy fumes. Other than that little 'but' I like it

demonspawnedangel made it!(author)2013-06-17

Can't be worse than when a child eats them to see if the yellow one tastes like cheese.

knexinventer made it!(author)2013-06-17

are there any smells given off by this like burnt paper or plastic?

Mikeman4290 made it!(author)2013-06-17

Unless there is something in the paper or wax it should be the same as a candle