Picture of Crayon Candle
     Need an emergency candle! Or just want a cool looking candle. Maybe you could use them for a fire starters? (That is if you have matches as well.) How about a crayon candle.

This simple instructable will tell how to make your very own crayon candle.   

     I got this idea after seeing a lot of candles made from crayons but never one made out of a crayon.
Basically the paper replaces the wick in the candle. It takes a little bit for it to light though and burns for about 8 minutes.

Enjoy the video!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here are the materials you will need to make your crayon candle.
  • crayon
  • sharp knife
  • cutting mat of some sort or a surface you don't mind getting scratched.
  • candle holder (I used a knex wheel)

Step 3: Lighting the Candle

Picture of Lighting the Candle
Now all that's left to do is light it and whola! You have yourself a crayon candle.

Make sure you read the notes.

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Hope you had fun.